How to find parents

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How to find parents

Every person has parents, but, unfortunately, not everyone knows who they are, how they look and where they live. Regardless of the reasons why fate divorced the closest people, such a thing as the call of blood haunts and encourages you to start searching. Is it possible, in a city of millions, to find a person whom you have never seen? Where to start looking?
How to find parents


Most often found parents want people whose childhood was wholly or partly spent in public educational institutions. Cases are different, but most often these people are refuseniks.

If the parents decide to abandon the child in the maternity hospital, the newborn, along with all the documents, is transferred to the baby’s home. Upon reaching the age of sixteen, if desired, a pupil of the orphanage can find out who his parents are, receive information about the place of residence at the time of refusal with all passport data. An exception is the case when a person is initially a foundling, and no data provided by the parents is left, but in this case, it is probably not worth looking for.

TV program «Wait for me». The hosts of this TV program have been uniting human destinies for several years now. Moreover, this assistance is absolutely free, based on a voluntary basis. According to fragmentary, fuzzy information, it is possible to find people who went missing many years ago.
Contact the police. According to passport data, you can find almost anyone, with the exception of cases where the missing person is a person without a fixed place of residence. Explain the situation, if they do not help themselves, then perhaps they will prompt a variant of further actions.
What should I do if the person in question no longer lives at the specified address? You can conduct a poll among the neighbors. Each entrance has its own “Aunt Shura”, who knows everything and about everyone, starting from the moment you move into the house. The main thing is not to be shy. In this case, the word «uncomfortable» should not be present in the dictionary.
Internet. Now in the global network you can find anything. There are many sites that are aimed just at finding people. For example, the site This portal will help you find a person and learn a lot about his life (including registration and car brand) only by the city phone number corresponding to the registration.
Ask. If adoption or adoption is not a secret behind seven seals and does not hurt the feelings of the people who raised, you can ask directly. It is likely that they were given information about the genetic parents at the time of adoption.


Parents are not the people who gave birth. The real parents, those who raised and loved, were there in moments of sorrow and triumph, sat by your bed in the days of illness and packed a backpack for the first class. Do not offend them, if you already have a dad and mom, why do you need another one?

Useful advice

However, before you start looking, think carefully. Why are you doing this, and what do you want to get from the meeting? Most likely, a completely alien woman or a man will come to whom you will experience absolutely no feelings. Usually, after such a rendezvous, people become depressed, and an unpleasant aftertaste will remain in any case. People do not change, if a person was able to abandon a defenseless baby, he is unlikely to be inflamed with love for an adult man or woman. And there can be no talk of repentance, except if you have something to take from you. Unfortunately, this is the cruel truth of life.

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