How to find the ideal

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How to find the ideal

Search ideal, the ideal partner, are peculiar to the young. But look around, look at older couples. Of course, neither the husband nor the wife in them is often ideal, but they are together and they are happy. Many of those who continue to search for their ideal remain lonely and embittered by such injustice all their lives.
How to find the ideal


First of all, realize that there are no perfect people, no matter how trite it may sound. If you are looking for an ideal, then you probably consider yourself an ideal person. But, honestly, are you yourself without flaws? And you yourself know that you also have periods when you are in a bad mood, get sick or do not look your best. Then let other people have the same problems.
Do not make yourself a detailed list of all the qualities that your partner should have, and even more so, do not tie your searches ideal only one particular type of person. Thus, you yourself significantly limit the choice and automatically weed out people who, for sure, have many of the virtues you value. You just don’t give people the opportunity to reveal them to you.
External data, of course, mean a lot at first glance, but history knows many examples when people were called ideal only for their moral qualities and principles. Think, perhaps, to limit the concept of an ideal partner to a few intangible criteria, such as honesty, kindness, decency, intelligence, ambition and a sense of humor. This set is quite enough to develop all other qualities, for example, in a man.
Remember that you must be ready to meet your ideal at any time. Therefore, pay attention, maybe he is standing nearby when you are arguing with the minibus driver or passing by when you are drinking beer on a bench in uncleaned shoes. Always keep in order not only your body, but also your thoughts. The more you yourself correspond to the ideal you have chosen, the more likely it is that he will also pay attention to you.

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