How to fire up a man

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How to fire up a man

If you want to not only attract, interest man for a while, but also to stay in his life for a long time, kindle his feelings, fall in love with yourself, you need to know and follow one rule called «bottom, heart, head.» And you need to follow it in exactly this sequence, then the result will exceed all expectations. The instruction may seem unusual, abstract, sometimes even cynical, but many professional psychologists agree with it.
How to fire up a man
You will need
  • A man, his lower torso (groin), his heart and head.


The first feeling that a man has towards you is called passion. Physical attraction is what drives him at the very beginning. The energy that gives birth to passion is, oddly enough, in the groin. Sexual attraction initially drives actions and determines the behavior of a man in the first place. Basically, at this stage, kindle man It’s easy, almost all women cope with this. To do this, you need to look good, dress properly (only not vulgar — on the contrary, it repels), be able to attract male attention, be a good lover.
When you have successfully dealt with this, go to his heart. Here, turn on all your charm, femininity, complaisance. Do things that can surprise him, amaze him, interest him. Be kind, sympathetic, humane, take care of him, support and praise. Just be sure to praise, men love it — they are so rarely complimented, so they always remember them. Thus, you will win his heart. At this stage of the relationship, you say that the man has fallen in love with you.
How to make a man love you? To do this, you need to be in his head. This is the most difficult stage of the relationship, and few manage to reach it. To do this, you need to be a very smart interlocutor, guess his desires, be wise and reasonable. You need to understand people well, be an independent and self-sufficient person. Learn to get along with his inner circle, try to impress not only him, but also his friends, perhaps parents, if you already know them. Do extraordinary things, be special, unlike anyone else. Be an enthusiastic nature, love your work, if you have it, let you have some of your own hobbies. So a man will be interested in you, and he will start thinking about you. If you managed to kindle it at this stage, then this fire between you will burn for a very long time.

Tip 2: How to ignite passion in him

Really, how? What can make a man fire passion? How should a woman behave, what should she say, do, in order to start the mechanism of male desire at the right time? Everything is not so simple, but not so difficult if you follow the instructions.
How to kindle passion in him


A man should notice you, focus on you, understand your interest in him. How to achieve this? Depends on the situation and circumstances. Let’s say you and your friends went to sit in a decent institution. But you remember that you are in search, you are looking for a man who, by the way, is looking for you. Otherwise, what would he be doing here? So, we draw attention to ourselves with just one look. A woman who goes hunting must perfectly master the technique of shooting with her eyes. No stares. An instant call, and a second later — a fake indifference — this is a skill, but it’s worth learning. And remember (you can even cut it on the nose), the man must come first!
So, here he come, spoke to you. What’s next? Lead the conversation so that he invites you to dance if he has not already approached with this proposal. You have to be careful while dancing. You are kindling passion in your partner, and not hanging around his neck. Therefore, it would not hurt to learn how to dance. Let the man know that you can obey him, but you can also slip out of his hands if you see fit.
When you feel that the man is turning on, “at the most interesting place”, say that you urgently need to go home, because tomorrow Katya (a nod to her friend, because Katya is in the know) has a birthday, and you promised to bake a cake for her. Of course, no birthday is planned tomorrow, you successfully celebrated it last week, but it doesn’t matter, because this whole scene is a provocation of pure water. A man will volunteer to see you off, agree, on the way there is an opportunity to talk a little, he will ask for a phone (if he has not already asked). And, finally, the most basic and, perhaps, the most difficult: if you yourself caught fire, slam the door in his face. And no rugs!
Wait. He will definitely call. Make an appointment. Agree, but not at your place, especially not at his place, it’s better again in the same place where you met. Go. Get ready. Listen. See. Dance with him, show your willingness to make closer contact. Let him see you, let him kiss you. But if one stormy night is not enough for you, but you want a long-term passionate relationship, then let this kiss be a farewell one.
Excerpt. At least three days. Call up, talk about everything. Gently stir up interest. But under any pretext, postpone the date. But you can’t delay the wait, remember that there are a lot of young imposing hunters around for men.
But now you can. Second date. You can immediately invite to your place, for tea with the very notorious cake. Create an appropriate environment for the occasion. Men are naturally curious, they like to discover new things. So you open yourself from an unexpected side. Yes, at least dance a belly dance, at least arrange a strip show. So that only he was firmly convinced that this was all for him alone. For dinner, prepare something light and exciting. Everyone understands that the cake is just an excuse, it will most likely not come to dessert …

Useful advice

While a man does not love you, do not try to swear with him. Sooner or later he will leave his hysterical and scandalous nature. Do not demand anything from him in plain text, do not issue ultimatums and do not test his strength. Achieve everything using female cunning and intuition.

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