How to flirt with a man?

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how to flirt with a man

Flirting is a collection of verbal and non-verbal gestures, tricks and more, but flirting is first and foremost an art. Some girls have an innate talent for flirting, while others have to master this skill, like singing or drawing. But in fact, in every representative of the fair sex, the ability to flirt is initially present, the main thing is to be able to competently reveal these sides in yourself. How to flirt with a man correctly, so as not to seem overly persistent and frank, or, on the contrary, too constrained?

What does it mean to flirt with a man?

In general, the most important thing to start with is to decide on the purpose of flirting, because it entirely depends on what means will need to be guided in the upcoming “game”. For entertainment for one evening, the smallest arsenal is enough, and if you want to not only get to know a guy, but also try to establish a long-term relationship with him, then you need to “play” carefully and gracefully in order to bewitch him, make him want a new meeting.

You can only learn to flirt with men by experience, so it’s worth taking some tricks into service and start acting.

  1. Sight. In general, the look is the main weapon of a woman. One has only to establish eye contact and beckon the partner with a look, as he will already be in the networks.
  2. Smile. Charming, playful, light, sexy, cheerful… Just like a look, a smile can say a lot about its owner and her intentions. And in the art of flirting, a smile is no less important than a glance.
  3. touch. As if casual light touches at first, acquaintances turn on much more than some frank movements. This should be kept in mind by all girls. Touch his fingers with his hand, casually touch his knee with his leg — and chaste, and gently, and exciting: the perfect cocktail.
  4. Talk. And, of course, you should not allow too awkward pauses in the conversation or its frank sagging. It’s better to change topics of conversation all the time, tell something, you can drop it by chance learn to flirt with mensome hints in the course of the conversation, it will not be superfluous.

How to flirt with a man by correspondence correctly?

No less art and flirting through correspondence. In this case, it is necessary to master the word masterfully, since there is no possibility for any other actions. In Internet correspondence, you can send a variety of pictures with hints or your own photos, but you can’t be too frank, men always need to leave room for imagination, then there will be interest on their part.

Speaking about how to flirt with a man via SMS, it is worth remembering the main thing: men are not always good at understanding hints. Therefore, even ambiguities must be quite unambiguous in order to be correctly understood.


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