How to force a convinced bachelor to marry?

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how to get a confirmed bachelor to marry

A bachelor does not mean that a man is single, no, he can be in a relationship, but be completely against marriage. What to do in such a situation, because all girls dream of wearing a beautiful white dress and being the queen of the evening.

To begin with, maybe you didn’t think about this question, because everything is fine, you live together and the stamp in your passport is not at all important. But the time has come when the question: “When is the wedding?” from friends and family it sounds more often than “How are you?”, and it looks quite suspicious, if he loves and wants to live with you all his life, why doesn’t he kneel down and say the cherished “Marry me”? All because your beloved is a convinced bachelor, but still there is a chance to change this.

Popular methods and manipulations

  1. The first place in such a rating is occupied by a rather “dirty” way — to get pregnant. For some reason, most women consider this method the easiest, but here there is a big chance to hear quite unpleasant words for every woman: “Take the money and have an abortion,” or, he can say that the appearance of a child will in no way affect his decision about weddings. As a result, a child is a property of manipulation, and not a long-awaited happiness.
  2. Further, another popular means is blackmail. But here it all depends on your imagination. Everything can start with the banal “If you don’t marry me, you won’t get sex” or “If you don’t want to marry, I’ll find myself another”, in general, use all possible methods, but remember, the main thing here is not to overdo it. And of course, each such disassembly should be accompanied by hysteria and tears. This method is suitable for women who do not care about her own pride, because a man should seek a woman, and not vice versa.
  3. Sometimes a man is stopped only by laziness, he doesn’t seem to mind formalizing the relationship, but he doesn’t want to organize a celebration at all. In this case, an oath promise to take over the entire organization and not ask him for help will help you.
  4. Many try to bribe a loved one with promises that, for example, her parents will buy them an apartment or with the donated money you can buy a car that he has been dreaming of for several years. This method will only work on greedy men or gigolos, and the rest can really take offense at this.
  5. Try to come from afar. From time to time, hint to him how good it would be to get married, but this should not be said at all intrusively. Thus, you just have to push your loved one to an important step.
  6. Give him an example of married friends. Let him see that they are really happy in marriage and somehow the stamp in the passport did not affect their lives in a detrimental way. Thus, the example of a friend can push him to a decisive step.
  7. Another effective way is to show that you don’t need it at all, so that he wants to take this step himself. It is necessary to emphasize that you are a free woman who has the right to do what she wants, make him jealous. walk
    how to get a bachelor to marryhang out with friends, go on vacation, of course without him, let him suffer and think, maybe you are passionate about someone else. If he really loves, then a “male” will turn on in him and he will want you to be only him and for life.

In general, if he is not ready to marry, then there is no need to rush. Every person has a desire to start a family, only many oppose this, but sooner or later nature will take its toll and at the most unexpected moment for you, he will fall on one knee and finally ask for a hand and heart. It is in such a situation that you will feel real happiness, because you will know that he did it from the bottom of his heart, and not because he heard daily threats and reproaches.


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