How to get a guy interested in texting

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How to get a guy interested in texting

Today it is difficult to imagine life without communication at a distance. at help sms, social networks, chats and forums. There are virtual novels, which in some cases develop into something more. And it all starts with a letter. Since the epistolary genre is not taught, it is difficult for girls to present themselves in a favorable light in order to interest guy on correspondence.
How to get a guy interested in texting


Try to write without errors and typos so that the guy pays attention to the meaning of what you write, and not to mistakes that you want to edit with a red marker. Don’t turn a fan into a Russian teacher. Is always atIt is pleasant to read a letter in which all the sentences are correct, and the words are graceful and light.
Write in such a way that each of your messages are connected to each other, like pearls in a necklace. Continue some thought, develop some kind of metaphor, or joke, so that you do not get the impression that you are inconsistent in your thoughts, flighty and impulsive. But at In this case, do not forget to monitor how the interlocutor reacts to your messages.
Write vividly, brightly, sincerely so that your words evoke a response and a desire to continue the conversation, give the opportunity to dream, comment on your thoughts, talk about yourself.
Write gentle and affectionate words, make compliments if you have something to praise the young man for, otherwise your words will look fake.
Joke and enjoy his jokes, comment on his thoughts. Don’t take too long to reply to a message you receive.
Call him to frankness gently and unobtrusively. Feel free to ask questions, but let the person evade the answer if your curiosity is misplaced. He should not feel tense, waiting for your next cue with alertness.
Reply to every message guy. Be careful if you want to please him.

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