How to get a guy to kiss you?

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how to get a guy to kiss you

What is a relationship if there is no physical touch in it? After all, a person, not only with the help of words, but also actions, can express his attitude towards someone.

If you want to get a guy to kiss you, it’s worth considering if you need such a guy. But there are different situations. For example, if your boyfriend is shy, you will have to resort to some tricks. First you need to melt the ice and break the barriers, if they still exist. Try to accidentally touch him, but don’t be persistent or he might get scared. If you feel comfortable and the guy is not trying to isolate himself from you, then the first successes have already been made.

How to get a guy to kiss you?

Today, the internet is full of advice on how to wear glitter and luxury perfumes. You should know that guys can’t stand harsh and strong scents. Glitter and lipstick can even turn a young man off because they are associated with a fly trap. It will be embarrassing if at the first kiss the lipstick remains on the male lips. A lot of guys are turned off by this.

Try to create a favorable atmosphere in which both of you will feel comfortable. Many guys are worried, so it is difficult for them to decide on such a step. You can tell him how long you were going to this meeting, picking up makeup and dress. This kind of openness will help you bond and relieve tension.

How can you get a guy to kiss you? The answer is simple: as a rule, a kiss occurs at parting. At this point, try to be as close as possible. Turn your face towards the guy and look into his eyes. You can throw a cautious look at the lips, but not too frank. At this point, the kiss should take place. If the guy hasn’t taken the initiative again, you can kiss him on the cheek to ease the awkwardness and justify the close distance.


You can also talk to him about it. Just don’t give hints. Just tell him that you would like to kiss him, but you don’t know what the reaction will be. If there really is something between you, most likely, the conversation will be interrupted by a kiss.

We have collected several options that will help you get the long-awaited kiss.

How to push a guy to kiss?

If you are not dating yet, you should give him hope for your future together. Perhaps he is afraid to admit his feelings and is not sure what you like. It is very important to be sincere and real. Try to spend more time together, while unintentionally touching him. This will allow both of you to relax and feel more confident.

Your lips should be attractive. This is not about lipstick, but about simple moisturizing and care. It is unlikely that a guy can like a girl with dry and chapped lips.

Remember that the environment must be appropriate. Perhaps the young man is worried that someone might interfere with you. If you feel like your boyfriend is just hesitant, kiss him yourself or ask for it. Do this so that you don’t regret the romantic but missed moment later.

How to provoke a guy to kiss? There is another way. You can tell a guy that you don’t know how to kiss. You can even jokingly ask him to teach you how to do it. If he likes you, he will certainly not refuse you, but there may be to get a guy to kiss

You must have a neat appearance. Do not wear a lot of makeup. Just believe that you are beautiful and it will have a much stronger effect. When communicating, try to be yourself. Don’t be intrusive. You can include a slight inaccessibility that will make you more attractive.

If you are really in love with each other, a kiss will happen sooner or later, so do not force things. Believe that long exposure will make your kiss unforgettable. During this time, you will have time to get close to the guy and you will feel as comfortable as possible.


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