How to get a person to come

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How to get a person to come

Separations and partings… We often miss our loved ones, we are waiting for them. At such moments, you want a miracle to happen, and human just came. Regardless of the rain, sleet, bad weather, no reason. Just came and that’s it. Ordinary miracle. What needs to be done to make this miracle happen as soon as possible?
How to get a person to come


think about it humane with good feelings. Remember the best moments spent together. Create in your imagination new stories, images, pictures in which you are doing something together, somewhere. For example, imagine yourself with your loved one in a mysterious forest. It smells deliciously of pine needles, birds sing, a light breeze blows, beauty and harmony reign everywhere. You sit on soft green grass and eat goodies. While imagining this, try to use all the receptors of perception: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste. This way you will make the picture that you paint in your imagination more complete.
Consider how you can get in touch with this. humanohm. Call him, write an SMS or even a regular letter. Find him on the Internet: perhaps he is on social networks, chats, in ICQ.
Having found the chosen one, act carefully, but decisively. Make him feel important and meaningful to you. humanOm, emphasize his dignity. As if by chance, remind him of any of his achievements, successes, outstanding qualities. So that this does not look like flattery, speak and write sincerely, from the heart. Tell him honestly that you want to see him. Explain why you want this, what motives drive you. With a frank conversation, you will inspire the trust of a loved one. humanand maybe you can better understand your feelings.
invite humanbut at a specific time in a specific place. State the specific purpose of your meeting. Suggest humanhave an interesting activity that you can do together. Get him interested.
If a human refuses to see you, politely and gently ask him to explain to you the reasons for the refusal. Perhaps he misunderstood something, or maybe he has a lot of important and urgent things to do. In case of refusal, do not rush to pounce on humanbut with indignation and reproaches. Try to calmly listen to the explanation and understand his point of view. It’s good to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. humana.
If your chosen human does not want to meet you in any way, take it for granted and calm down. Switch to something else. Meet friends, chat with loved ones. Find a hobby that will consume you headlong. Schedule your day so that there is no time for empty dreams.
Think about what in your behavior pushed you away humana. Learn a lesson for yourself for the future so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Maybe you were too self-centered? Little interest in the affairs and concerns of a loved one, did not pay enough attention to him? Find a quality in yourself that you think should be worked on, and proceed.

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