How to get away from a man?

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How to leave a man

A small number of lucky women manage to find their prince on the first attempt, but everyone else has to repeatedly go through parting with a once loved one. Let’s figure out how to get away from a man (whether married or not), because few people want scenes with throwing his things from the balcony.

How to get away from a man?

Situations are different, someone is thinking about how to leave a married man, someone wants to end the relationship beautifully, but for all cases there are basic rules that should be followed when parting. Of course, if we are talking about the end of a relationship due to drunkenness, assault, then these tips will not help here.

  1. The main rule is to be honest, do not use these tricks “we need to live separately for now”, “let’s think about our relationship”, etc. By doing this, you will only give rise to long calls, ongoing showdowns. If you decide to leave, then speak directly and bluntly. There is no need to come up with various pretexts, such as “you are too good for me”, only a schoolboy can believe such excuses.
  2. Communicate your decision personally, no emails, calls or SMS. Give your now ex the right to speak out, do not spoil the relationship, you may have to cross paths with him more than once and ask for help. Yes, and this person is not a stranger to you, if there is no love, show at least respect.
  3. Try to pick a good time to talk. You should not appoint it for a day when you feel unwell or a man has a lot of problems. But it’s also not worth timing the conversation to some kind of festive event, you need a neutral day.
  4. Having decided to leave a man, do not discuss your decision with your girlfriends and his friends. First, find out everything among themselves, and only then woman leaves mantake the news to the public.

Why do women leave men?

When it is necessary to leave a man, everyone decides for herself, but what pushes women to initiate a break — a constant search for an ideal or is there something else, why do women leave men?

There are a lot of reasons: bad habits of a loved one, betrayal, misunderstanding, jealousy, lack of love, etc. But in fact, all these reasons can be expressed in one sentence: a woman leaves a man when something does not suit her in a relationship. For the time being, you can put up with your discontent, but when it reaches a critical point, the relationship ends.


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