How to get forgiveness

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How to get forgiveness

It’s so easy to apologize if you step on someone’s foot on the bus, and it’s so hard to say «I’m sorry!» close person. There is a misconception in our recent culture that being wrong is humiliating. And we rarely ask forgiveness relatives, considering it a weakness. Although in life everything is exactly the opposite: only a strong person can admit mistakes and repent of them to a loved one. And therefore, you need to know how to get this forgiveness, which will lead to trust and love between loving people.
How to get forgiveness


If your mistake is insignificant, you can fool around: fall on your knees, begging for forgiveness, play a whole interlude and reduce everything to a joke. But if the guilt is great, then the jokes, of course, are not appropriate. Then you need to seriously think over every step and every word, so as not to make new mistakes, aggravating the old ones.
Probably, we must first think over the «bribery» of a loved one in order to soften the situation at least a little.
An attempt to make amends will only look like an attempt if the words of confession of guilt and repentance are not heard. This is the next most important step. Think over all the words, everything that needs to be said. It will be difficult, but it must be done if you want to maintain a relationship with a loved one. As experience shows, forgiveness does not come immediately, sometimes it stretches for a lifetime if your offense was serious. But if you love each other, the relationship will surely recover gradually. The main thing is that you both want it.

Useful advice

Never say rude unfair words to close people — you can forgive a stranger and forget this, but the words that sounded from the lips of a loved one will remain an unhealed wound for a long time. Words spoken by a stranger often do not reach the goal, because we are closed. We are open only with loved ones, and therefore all our anger hurts deeply and for a long time. Take care of each other.

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