How to get married

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How to get married

Every year, thousands of girls get married. However, thousands of other girls do not succeed. They envy more successful girlfriends, blaming crowns of celibacy, karma or appearance flaws for their loneliness. What should they do, how to get married?
What to do in order to get married?


The problem here most often turns out to be only one thing — a lack of desire. Despite the fact that most unmarried people seem to desperately want to put the coveted ring on their finger, they do nothing more than talk for this. Let’s draw an analogy. Thinking about finding a new job, these girls, as a rule, find it. And all because they are actively looking for her, and do not sit at home, dreaming about how good it would be if her dream job came to her now.
Having decided to get married, you need to act in much the same way as with finding a job. And for starters, it would be nice to decide what kind of husband you need: an athlete, businessman, romantic, traveler, etc.
Next, you need to think about what requirements the chosen type of man can make for a woman. Ask yourself how you meet these requirements. Answer it as objectively as possible. It would be better if you involve a friend as an independent expert, and even better — a friend or husband of a friend.
Once you’ve figured out what you’re missing in order to interest your future husband, take it as a guide to action and engage in self-improvement. At the same time, do not take into account the external side of the matter. It would be wrong to decide that the wife of a businessman must be a blonde with long legs. A smart businessman will give preference not to a long-legged model, but to a woman with logical thinking, the ability to properly manage money, knowledge of business etiquette, etc. etc. And all these things can be learned.
Feeling that you can already interest the man of your dreams, go to the «interview», that is, where these men are found in large numbers. It is not difficult to do this, with the help of the Internet you can easily find several places that your preferred men like to visit.
Make acquaintances, communicate, turn heads. An important rule — do not get hung up on one candidate, do not think that the very first acquaintance will lead to marriage. With this approach, it is very easy to become disillusioned with your enterprise and end up back where it all started. Remember — just like after a long search you finally get a job, you will find a man to marry. The main thing is not to give up.

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