How to get out of a love triangle

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How to get out of a love triangle

The love triangle is considered an unstable «figure of love». It usually disintegrates itself after a fairly short time after formation. But if you see that your situation has dragged on, it’s time to act.
How to get out of a love triangle


Arrange for the decision to be made by the party that is «disputed» in the triangle. If it’s a man, he must make a choice. If this is a woman, she must also decide. Relationships «for three» in the vast majority of cases are doomed to failure. And the sooner they fall apart, the better for everyone.
Don’t make a decision if there are two of you in the triangle. Neither the mistress nor the wife can make a decision for a man. They must force him to make a choice, but not impose their decisions. After all, if, say, a wife forces her husband to stay with her, and they do not solve the problems that led to his attempt to escape, the love triangle will arise again.
Don’t blackmail. Blackmail is a form of aggression and pressure. Relationships created with the help of blackmail live even less than a love triangle. Choosing blackmail as a method of getting out of love triangleyou are exacerbating rather than solving the problem.
Speak from the heart. Instead of ultimatums and threats, use frank conversations. It is more difficult for women in this matter, because men avoid talking about relationships. But a love triangle is a situation where you need to talk a person. It is important for you to understand what problems your man is running from and where.
Come out yourself when the love «for three» dragged on. If that side triangle, for which there is competition, cannot make a decision, leave yourself. The initiator of the creation triangle often becomes a weak, indecisive personality. Such a person can live in a situation of uncertainty for a long time and shake the nerves of others. If this is your case, run without looking back. You deserve real love, not bad love. And you should be the first to love yourself and not exchange for love triangles.

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