How to get revenge on the guy who used you?

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how to get revenge on a guy who used you

In the lives of many girls, this kind of drama happened: he is perfect, caring, gentle … but disappears after the very first night spent together. At such moments, all dreams are shattered by harsh reality, and unrealistic plans make you feel terribly broken. Let’s figure out how to take revenge on the guy who offended you.

How to get revenge on the guy who used you?

There are not many opportunities for revenge if you have been together for a short time. However, if revenge makes you feel better, you should try all available methods.

  1. If you know the address of his page on social networks, you can work hard and create a fake account of a certain girl. On her behalf, you can write to all the girls that he has as friends, something that will “dishonor” him: for example, that he is a carrier of gonorrhea.
  2. If you know his phone number, you can send annoying SMS to him daily from the Internet. Avoid threats and direct insults, with this he can contact the police.
  3. A longer and more sophisticated way of revenge is to start a relationship with his best friend. This will be a low blow, but often too much effort is required.
  4. If you know where he lives, you can drop a letter with insects in his mailbox — they are sold in pet stores for feeding reptiles.
  5. If you see him on the street with another, you can go up and tell her something about him that will surely make her think three times before starting a relationship with him.

There are a lot of options on how to take revenge on the guy who left you, the main thing is to choose one that will not entail negative consequences. By the way, it is worth noting for the future: in order not to have to avenge such treatment, it is better not to allow it in the future — not to believe in sweet speeches and promises, not to allow rapprochement to happen too quickly.

how to get revenge on a guy who dumped you

How to get revenge on an ex-boyfriend beautifully?

Sometimes these kinds of stories drag on. For example, a guy meets a girl for a year, and then goes to the former, because it turned out that the new chosen one was just a way to forget the old one. In this case, you should think carefully about how to take revenge on the guy for the offense, since such episodes leave deep spiritual wounds.

And yet, the best revenge is your own happiness. If he sees that without him you have blossomed, you have an interesting life, an ideal appearance and strong relationships, he will surely experience greater mental anguish than if you just sink to his level and do outright disgusting things.


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