How to get rid of love addiction

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How to get rid of love addiction

Love addiction is a disease that is treated in the United States in groups that work on the same principle as Alcoholics Anonymous. If you do not live in the US, then you will have to deal with the problem yourself.
Get away from love addiction


Forbid yourself to even think about your loved one. If passion is destructive, action must be taken. Be prepared for the fact that the breakup of relations will not pass completely painlessly. The main task is to reduce mental trauma to a minimum. To do this, you should translate emotions into a rational sphere and learn how to control them. Mentally fence yourself off with a wall from the object of your unhappy love. You are a strong and independent person who can overcome himself.
In order for the relationship to become complete, you need to express everything that you think about him — on paper, or orally. There should be no misunderstanding between you. If this is not possible, do this: put a chair and imagine that your love is sitting on it. Speak out how he tortured you, how callous and unscrupulous he is. And then forgive him and forget forever.
You can try to back this up with a written contract with yourself. Among other things, write down in the contract the period during which you allow yourself to be sad. Take advantage of this time — manage your emotions. In the contract, you can also prescribe an incentive prize, which you can count on after the expiration of the term, if the terms of the contract (fall out of love and forget) are fulfilled. Such a prize could be new shoes, for example, or a box of chocolates.
It happens that when you have already made a decision and are fighting with feelings, your loved one “wakes up”: he calls, offers to start all over again. Don’t get fooled! You hurt his pride with your act, and he is trying to restore the status quo.

Useful advice

The more mature a person is in soul, the calmer the love relationship. Adult love is lighter and less worrisome. When you don’t get reciprocal feelings, you don’t get sad, you don’t look for reasons in yourself, but you forgive and fall in love again. Sooner or later you will be reciprocated.

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