How to get rid of love?

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how to get rid of love

A woman in love always becomes sentimental and romantic, even if before the onset of feelings she was called the «iron lady». Lovers begin to dream of a common future, family, home, children, peace and love, cloudless happiness. Somehow everything turns out too simply, I fell in love — and no longer even realizes that life at this time is going on as usual.

But very often, lovers are overtaken by extremely unpleasant thoughts, for example, how to get rid of love. First they are driven away from themselves, then they understand that this is the only way out and salvation from unrequited love.

Getting rid of step by step

In a state of love, every passerby wants to shout about his happiness. But in trying to get rid of such feelings, we usually close ourselves in — which, just, is contrary to what should be done.

If you are tormented by unrequited love, tell your friends, acquaintances, relatives about it. The more you talk about it, the less quivering feelings you will experience. Make a personal feeling public.

Seek support from those who know how to get rid of the feeling of falling in love. You need to realize that you are not the most unfortunate person in the world, and, even more so, you are not the first woman to have a crush on the wrong person. There are many books, films, forums dedicated to the theme of love. Take a break from your amorous worries by reading the biographies of great women: in the life of each of them there will definitely be a case with unrequited feelings.

Admit you are in love. In order to overcome something, it is necessary to recognize the actual state of affairs. If you constantly dismiss the problem, repeat that you are not experiencing anything, it will be impossible to get rid of falling in love, since you will not confirm its existence.

Frankly, alone

The psychology of lovers has one characteristic feature: the lack of clarity in thoughts. You will not be able to deal with the problem until you understand what its essence is. In order to “talk” with yourself frankly, take a sheet of paper and write on it all the claims to life: how you fell in love with someone else, why he doesn’t reciprocate you (maybe he just doesn’t know about your feelings), what is your grief, why do you think that life without «him» has no meaning. And in that spirit.

You can also say it all out loud (in private, without listeners). All this will make it easier to understand the situation and your well-being.

Talk to him

It is customary for women to talk about how a man hides his love, although men just do this much less often than women.

A man can be shy and timid. Then he will not dare to be the first to tell about his feelings, but he will give the woman signs — he sits next to him, when there are a lot of empty seats around, to make her pleasant how to get rid of feelings of lovesigns of attention, help in work (if we are talking about colleagues), etc. But this is by no means called «hiding».

Women, being sure that they love unrequitedly, little by little begin to hate those whom they love in parallel. An example, again from working life: meeting in the corridor, he greets her, like everyone else, and she, turning away, will hiss or remain silent.

Men are not smart enough to understand that we are doing this out of great love. If you are in love, try to speak frankly with a man and dot the i’s. Either he will reciprocate, or all your petty hopes will be crushed, and love will dissolve in an instant.


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