How to get rid of your husband’s ex-wife

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How to get rid of your husband’s ex-wife

If you married a man who was previously married, this means that he has behind him not only the experience of family life, but also an ex-wife, and possibly children from his first marriage. What to do if your family happiness is spoiled by the third extra — his ex-wife? She constantly calls him, makes appointments, asks for help and makes you jealous. How to act in such a situation?
How to get rid of your husband's ex-wife


Find out the reasons for the awakened interest of the former wives to your (already yours, not her!) husband. The fact is that often women who have lost interest in their husbands in their time and decided to divorce them, sometimes begin to feel feelings for them again after they realize that their former faithful are interested in other women. And if the ex-wife sees that a gorgeous woman has taken her place, this can provoke a sense of ownership and attempts to return the old relationship. Another case is when a woman, at the expense of her abandoned husband, seeks to increase self-esteem, and provokes him to start all over with her, leaving a new wife, that is, you. This is a common desire to show off in front of fans or girlfriends, because a man who has not lost interest in his former beloved woman will drop everything and run to her at her first call.
Soberly assess the feelings that your husband has for you. Surely, when you married a particular man, you were sure that he fell in love with all his heart and would not leave you for the sake of the former wives. You met him for some time before marriage and managed to study his character and habits. You happily look after him and appreciate him for who he is. If you are sure that you love him and do not want to lose him, and also feel mutual strong feelings in response, then you need to be patient and gradually “neutralize” your ex-wife.
Join your efforts with your husband. The first step is to talk frankly with your husband and explain to him why you are not satisfied with his communication with his ex-wife. If a man values ​​you, he will understand everything and will do everything possible to protect you from unnecessary worries. From now on, you must become one and «fight» together with your ex-wife. For example, if she constantly asks for help from your husband, he can calmly explain to her that he is not able to run headlong to her help every time. Do not dismiss her requests, just fulfill them together. Each time you will show your ex-wife that the feelings are so strong that you share all the worries in half. Gradually, the requests of the former for help will come to naught. Ask husband take you with him to all the meetings that this woman appoints him. In personal communication, be friendly to her, let her know that you wish her personal happiness, from which, by the way, it will become easier for you to breathe.
Do not limit communication husband with his children. As you know, «former children» do not exist. If your loved one spends a lot of time with children, and, accordingly, with their mother, do not blame him for this. You just need to arrange his leisure time with the children so that he is outside the house of his ex-wife. For example, you can buy pool passes for him and the children, arrange regular excursions, picnics, trips to the cinema and theater, and much more. Of course, all organizational activities will fall on your shoulders, but in this way you can also establish warm relationships with children. husbandwho will see that you care about them. Take care of your family happiness!


If you have a pretty and faithful wife with whom you have been together for a long time and live in a warm relationship, but still something is missing and suddenly there is a desire to get rid of your wife, then this article has a recipe for this disease. All these tips posted on the Get rid website have been tested for more than one year and by many couples.

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