How to get your ex boyfriend back?

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how to get your ex boyfriend back

A variety of situations arise in life. It happens that, having met her ex-boyfriend, a girl realizes that her relationship with him was a real fairy tale, and begins to dream of turning back the clock, but how to return her ex-boyfriend so that relations on both sides flare up with renewed vigor? Often it all depends on how your breakup happened, who initiated it, and what caused it. If cheating was present, it is not worth renewing such a relationship, but if your feelings are strong and you are ready to fight, develop an appropriate plan of action.

A lot depends on who was the initiator: if a girl left a guy, it is important to find an approach to him, since an abandoned man can hold a grudge and renew a relationship in order to take revenge. If the separation took place by mutual agreement, it is much easier to start all over again, for example, through a social network. If you have not communicated and do not know what to write to your ex-boyfriend to get him back, start with simple, unobtrusive communication. You need to mention only positive things in your relationship. Gently and smoothly, you can translate such communication into a personal meeting and even sex, which may bring you closer and help you remember the past.

How to return an ex-boyfriend with prayers?

But if the above methods did not help you, you can turn to magic and try to return the former through prayers, conspiracies or love spells. As you know, all these methods are an appeal to magic, which can be both black and white.

Prayer refers to white magic, helps to believe in yourself. To comply with such a rite, you should regularly say such a phrase as: «Lord, if it be Your will, if it is given to us to be together, bring the moment of our meeting closer and hasten the truce». You should repeat this prayer constantly, you can go to church, this will give you strength and self-confidence.

Another method of how to get an ex-boyfriend back is a conspiracy. It is similar to a prayer, it is an appeal to God, read every morning. Quite often they make a conspiracy on the morning dew. A woman needs to wash her face with morning dew and say these words: «Clean water, help, bring your loved one back to the family. As dew drops quickly dry on the skin, so my beloved will remember me and quickly return. I will bind him by the forces of nature and awaken love in him forever.» It is best to carry out these manipulations in seclusion and a sparsely populated place so that no one can interrupt you.

Can you get your ex boyfriend back?

Everyone chooses his own method, how to return the old feelings. Love spells are also quite popular. Love spells for the return of the former can be very different, for example, a love spell for drinking or a threshold. The ritual upon the return of a man with the help of a threshold is an action during which a woman should take a used broom, pull out several twigs from it. Looking at the twigs how to get an ex boyfriend back with prayersa woman must represent and visualize the feelings she wants to evoke in her beloved. Emotions should be pure and kind. After that, you need to read any prayer to yourself, mentioning the name of the object of the love spell and put the twigs at midnight near the threshold of your beloved so that in the morning he, leaving the house, would cross them.

You can also make a love spell on drinking if you communicate with your former lover. It is enough to take the liquid, speak it with any prayer using the name of the man and give him a drink. Often, the actions of prayers, conspiracies and love spells do not make you wait long, and after a couple of months your loved one will return.


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