How to get your wife’s interest back

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How to get your wife’s interest back

Having reached adolescence, we already know that by the age of 20-25 we will get married, after we will give birth to children, and then … nothing, we will just live. Even at a very young age, we realize that love is a fleeting feeling, that it exists only at the first stages of a relationship. Having met our soul mate, we change and begin to believe in «love to the grave.» Unfortunately, the period of such euphoria is different for each couple. For some it’s a month, for others it’s their whole life. If you have been married for several years and have begun to notice that your feelings wives cool down, in this case it is necessary to return in different ways and methods interest to your person. How can I do that?
How to get your wife's interest back


Your life has become the same change of scenery day after day, and you touch each other only during infrequent sex or, colliding in the corridor, alas, you have become strangers. In this case, touch your beloved more often, at first it will surprise her, and then it will cause tender feelings, since tactile sensations cannot but cause slight trembling, tenderness and … desire. Just don’t overdo it! Touching does not mean strangling in your arms, you must very gently, and most importantly, unexpectedly touch the sensitive areas of your wives. Do not get angry if your half suddenly pushes away caresses, which means that she is not in the mood, try to show them a little later.
Offer to help your loved one. Take pity on her by saying that you understand how tired she is, because she works no less than you, so you want to help her in the kitchen. Women are enthusiastic about such manifestations of attention and help. They are respected by men who do not see anything shameful in washing dishes or vacuuming in an apartment. So go ahead and your wife will be blown away.
Give your wife gifts. After the wedding, most couples have a tradition to give each other only useful things, which are easiest to ask your chosen one. Thus, you kill the effect of surprise and awe, which is caused by mere trifles, presented by you without prompting. Do not stop giving her soft toys, and bring chocolate from the store, for which you will certainly be rewarded with tender kisses. Otherwise, your wives there will be a feeling that you give gifts out of a sense of duty. Remember that if a woman loves you, then the price of the gift does not matter, attention plays the main role.
Do not turn your intimate life into a technical process. Even if your woman is not very generous in showing caresses and is not very mobile, do not be upset. Give her pleasure with foreplay, show what drives you crazy, not embarrassed at the same time by violent emotions, seeing that she can control your feelings in such a way that she will certainly want to do it again and again.

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By applying these simple tips, you will not only save your family, but also wake up a volcano of feelings.

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