How to give him an unforgettable evening

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How to give him an unforgettable evening

The monotonous course of everyday life — work, children and solving everyday problems at home — kills the romance of any relationship. It is important to be able to support and maintain the warmth and tenderness of the first meetings. Spouses and even lovers often lose this ability in the rhythm of everyday life, but as they say, love can work wonders! Try to recreate the atmosphere of a romantic evenings at home — let it be a surprise for him, an unforgettable evening for two.
A surprise dinner will surely please your soul mate.
You will need
  • 1. Candles on a long stable stand.
  • 2. Flavored oils to create an ambience.
  • 3. Flowers.
  • 4. Costumes for role-playing games.
  • 5. Warm blanket.
  • 6. Beautifully served table.


It is best to think over a predetermined theme — it can be a classic candlelight evening or an evening dedicated to some of your joint events, an anniversary, a day of acquaintance. What will you cook, how will you serve it, what cuisine will you choose — you need a small script. Will there be music, wine or champagne, flowers, a hot bath, aromatic oils or a relaxing massage?
Prepare a special dinner, treat him to something extraordinary. For this evenings French or Italian cuisine is best with few spices and a wide variety of dishes. Particular attention should be paid to desserts — cherry cobbler with cinnamon and port wine, pistachio anglaise cream or lemon soufflé — the choice is yours. It is worth paying attention to foods that are natural aphrodisiacs, such as avocados, almonds, strawberries, oysters and other seafood.
Be unpredictable. You can «play», for example, blindfold at the entrance to the apartment. This will increase the effect of surprise, enhance its sensations. Decorate the room with flowers or rose petals, use scented lamps or oils. Give him an unexpected gift — a cigarette case that he has long dreamed of or a fishing rod to show how well you know him by showing interest in his hobbies. Invite him to take a walk on the roof of your house with a bottle of wine and a warm blanket.
And of course, after a delicious dinner and a few glasses of wine, it’s time for the most important «dessert». Choose a set of beautiful underwear. You can try role-playing games with the images of a nurse, secretary or teacher. It’s time for those experiments that you always put off until later. If he is tired and not in the mood to spend this evening in such a crazy way, watch your favorite movie or go through albums with photographs of memorable moments.


Don’t worry if things don’t go your way. Do not strain and do not pull your soul mate, the motto of this evening is to please him, and not follow strict instructions.

Useful advice

If you can’t find 2 hours for cooking, or you are not confident in your own abilities and are afraid for the result, you can pre-order food at your favorite restaurant.

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