How to hint a guy for a kiss?

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How to hint a guy for a kiss

The first kiss is always exciting. In addition, girls develop and mature faster than boys. Maybe he still does not know how to behave correctly and is waiting for hints from you. But if you are not ready yet, then you should not put pressure on him. The girl must act wisely: she needs to think carefully about how to hint to the boy for a kiss.

Who is first?

In fact, a kiss is a very responsible step in the development of relationships. People who love each other get closer in kisses when they want it mutually. Don’t prepare for it! The most beautiful option, if everything happens spontaneously, unexpectedly. If you want the guy to take the initiative, then do not be squeezed and constrained — it will be easier for the young man to decide on him.

There is a stereotype that a guy should be the first to kiss a girl. At the beginning of a relationship, it really plays a big role. It’s no secret that in order for a guy not to lose interest in a girl, he constantly needs to win her over. Nature created man as a hunter and a warrior. Therefore, if a girl wants to kiss a guy, she just needs to think about how to hint at kissing a guy. Perhaps the guy thinks it’s too early for kisses. But, most likely, he is just shy or waiting for the right moment.

How to hint at a kiss?

  1. Hug him when you meet. He may want to hug and kiss you back.
  2. While walking, take his hand or find an excuse to touch him. Such a touch can serve as a sign for him.
  3. If he is taller than you, then stand on your toes and look into his eyes. You will get close, and everything will happen by itself.
  4. When you say goodbye, come closer to him. At a short distance from you, he will feel your light scent. Communicate, arrange a new meeting, but do not leave it. While he gets used to your smell, look into his eyes. Definitely, he, like How to hint at a kissyou, at that moment your heart beats wildly.
  5. Retire in the park. It is best if it is an evening walk. Sit on a bench and act like you’re cold. The guy will definitely want to hug you …
  6. When you’re around, look down at his lips. If the boy is smart, he will begin to act.
  7. Do a slow dance. Adjust the circumstances in such a way that after the dance you freeze for a moment. It may well be enough to kiss your beloved in gratitude on the cheek. After that, don’t leave. Let him recover and think about his next steps.


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