How to keep a guy?

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How to keep a guy

I imagine you in the evening, in your room, entering the phrase: “How to keep a guy” into the search engine. Or during the day, at the workplace, secretly quickly typing the question on the keyboard: “How to keep a guy near you?” Why are you suddenly interested in how you can keep a guy? Because you love him very much, or because you are so insecure about yourself? Let’s figure out what can be done in both cases.

How to keep your boyfriend?

It’s good that you asked the question in this way, and not asked how you can keep this guy forever. Why? Because you would really, really dislike my answer. You see, it is quite possible that in five years you will hardly even remember his name. No need to get angry! I’m not saying this, I’m just admitting it — with a very high degree of probability.

But let’s not rush time and look so far. You met him, you are sure that you love him, and you just want to know how to keep this guy near you longer.

Well, first and foremost — do not show how much you are in love with him. After reading this phrase, please do not twist your finger at your temple — otherwise you will disappoint me incredibly. In a long list of tips from the invaluable tome «How to keep a guy or a man,» this particular tip is placed in the most honorable, first place. What is meant by it?

First, don’t call him every hour (and even every evening) to check where he is. Don’t tell him how much you miss him and how much you want to see him. In the game «Keep a Guy» such information from you is only allowed as a response in the form: «Me too!» — after he first tells you that he does not sleep at night, because he constantly thinks about you. Wouldn’t it hurt him? Yes, of course — just enough to keep all of their antennas pointing in your direction.

Secondly, do not spend all evenings with him, take a break in your relationship. If you ignore this rule, you will never win a lucky ticket in the How Can You Keep a Guy lottery? Let him do other things, but first of all — do not give up those habits, interests and acquaintances that you had before meeting him.

Never get to the bottom of what exactly he was doing that evening when he was not with you — believe me, you will find out much more from him when you do not ask him any direct questions.

How to keep a guy around if you’re not sure of yourself?

How to keep a guy around

No way. I mean, there is no way you can do this, and he will stay with you only until the moment he gets bored with it. And he will get bored of it, most likely, very quickly. If you are seriously wondering how you can keep the guy you are interested in, try to accustom yourself to the next one.

Don’t twitch if he’s stealthily or openly looking at another girl or woman — that’s what he has eyes to look at. Sometimes, by the way, these views are completely mechanical. But even if it’s not, a question like, «Why are you looking at her?» — it’s taboo. How do you hope to keep a guy if every time he looks away you show him how panic it drives you? And what would you do yourself if you noticed a pretty individual of the opposite sex in your field of vision? Independently and indifferently fixed her gaze on the bottomless blue sky? The difference lies in the fact that we can notice everything without them noticing, but they cannot do this yet (and it is unlikely that they will ever be able to).

By the way, next time, tell him yourself calmly and by the way: “Look, what a magnificent figure this girl has!” You shouldn’t lose this opportunity especially on the beach, but an ordinary city street is also quite suitable. At first, such a remark on your part will lead him to complete confusion, but over time, he will begin to perceive you as a girl who is confident in her abilities, who is not afraid of any rivalry — and, believe me, she will love it! You, by the way, too, because in this case, you will no longer puzzle over how to keep this guy, but he will begin to worry about how not to lose such a girl. However, if all of the above seems absolutely impossible for you, then the question of how to keep a guy next to you for a long time will be absolutely insoluble for you.

Another tip on how to keep a guy

Don’t take him shopping with you, especially when it comes to keeping the guy you love. For running around the shops there are girlfriends or friends. (Although, of course, the best option is to go shopping alone). Moreover, it goes without saying that by the word «shops» I do not mean supermarkets at all.

Tips for keeping a guy

This rule allows only one exception. If you are already giving each other gifts, tell him (for example) the perfume you want to have — provided, of course, that he can buy it for you. Or show him in the window a thing that you really liked. You will make it easier for him to choose a gift for you — and in his heart he will be very grateful to you for this.

The listed tips on how to keep a guy belong to the category of universal ones. If you are sure that your case is very special, just describe it and ask your question. If you want, we can look for an answer together.


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