How to keep a long distance relationship?

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how to keep a long distance relationship

There are times when love is tested by time and distance. Many people are frightened by the imposed stereotype that it is impossible to maintain long-distance relationships. But in practice, everything turns out differently: a happy outcome depends only on the two of you. After all, you can feel lonely even living with a person in the same city. This confirms the experience of many couples. According to statistics, approximately 700,000 Americans live in different cities, but are one family and maintain very strong relationships.

How to keep a long distance relationship?

The desire to keep in touch must come from the lovers. If one of the partners does not want to support her, you just need to let him go, wishing him happiness. After all, most likely, this means that he has neither feelings nor desire to fight for love.

Let’s figure out together how to develop relationships at a distance. So, it is advisable to agree on how many times a week you will communicate by phone or e-mail, how often you will see each other in real time, etc. Try to communicate as often as possible until the situation is completely clear. The experience of many successful couples suggests that with the active desire of both to maintain a relationship, they always succeed. But, if there is mistrust, doubt and misunderstanding in a couple, a sad outcome is quite possible. In short, there is always a way out.

If you are really two halves of one whole, then you can support each other in any situation and solve any problem, especially if the happiness of two depends on it.

If you are experiencing a crisis in love or are confused and don’t know what to do with yourself, because your physically beloved is far away, then we recommend that you listen to the tips that help answer the question “How to maintain relationships at a distance?”:

  1. Try to constantly tell each other about the events that are happening in your life.
  2. If there is an offense or misunderstanding, it is better to talk about it right away. A loved one must know about your experiences and must be able to understand and support you.
  3. Share each day and talk about how you love each other.
  4. For loved ones, you do not need to spare pleasant and warm words.

How to survive long distance relationships?

  1. Have and value your independence. In addition to a loved one, you should have your own hobbies, friends and interesting work.
  2. Don’t turn your life into a permanent waiting room.
  3. No need to sit at home and constantly wait for news from your loved one. Develop yourself as a person, open up to new things and tell your soulmate about it.
  4. Stay interesting for each other and keep the couple in a good mood.

You will spend time with benefit for yourself and, before you blink an eye, the moment of the long-awaited meeting will come.

How to keep a relationship at a distance?

  1. Warm up your relationship. It can be unexpected gifts, a romantic letter, a phone call, a bouquet of flowers, etc.
  2. In addition to daily communication, there must be something how to maintain long distance relationshipsunexpected and happy.
  3. You must believe that everything will work out and you will be able to overcome the distance.

Most couples break up due to mistrust or lack of feelings. So believe no matter what and support each other. But sometimes you may have doubts about your own and not only your personal feelings. In this case, a seemingly insoluble question may arise: “How to save relationships at a distance?”. But there is a solution: the second half in such a situation should support you and assure you that everything will be fine. Here, the words of Joseph Brodsky will come in very handy: «He who knows how to love knows how to wait.» Indeed, if you really love a person, you will surely be able to overcome such an obstacle as distance.


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