How to keep a man’s love

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How to keep a man’s love

Sooner or later, the first feeling (falling in love) goes away, and either disappointment sets in or remains. love. But if you understand that this person is the one with whom you would like to stay for life, then you need to work on this and try to keep love menwhich is so dear to you.
How to keep a man's love


Do not «dissolve» in your man, take care to save yourself and your own interests. Do what you love, you should have your friends, your hobbies, don’t hang on to it. Grow spiritually, work on yourself, constantly develop. First of all, you will do it for yourself, but your man cannot but like it.
Surprise him often. At men there should not be a feeling that you are for him, like a read book. A man should feel a constant interest in you, constantly discover some new qualities and virtues in you.
You must understand that you cannot always see your chosen one in a pink light, each person has periods of some cooling off towards his partner. There is no need to panic and throw tantrums, remember the best times and know that they will return, you just need to calmly wait out.
Love yourself and accept who you are. A person who loves himself evokes the same feeling in others. But don’t be afraid to share lovewith others, be a bright, positive person, with whom it is simply pleasant to communicate, with whom you can share and discuss any topic.
Try to communicate more often, but also make this communication better. Joint trips, trips to nature, trips to the cinema and restaurants. A change of scenery is all that allows you to revive feelings and once again feel to your man that he made the right choice.

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