How to keep a married man — advice from a psychologist

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how to keep a married man psychologist's advice

A person cannot control love and there are times when feelings arise for a person who is married. You can often hear the proverb that you can’t build happiness on someone else’s misfortune, and in some situations this is true, but what if you don’t have the strength to let the person go?

How to keep a married lover?

In such situations, the main thing is not to make a mistake, because too many people can get hurt. If the feelings are not mutual and the only thing that connects with a person is sex, then you should not indulge yourself with illusions and count on something more.

Psychologist’s advice on how to keep a married man:

  1. Become a detective. The task is to listen carefully to the chosen one, paying attention to various details regarding the wife, and especially her shortcomings. If you want to take a man out of the family, then you need to become many times better than the one that is currently nearby.
  2. Take care of yourself. A man may decide to leave the family, but only if the new chosen one is really worthy of it. That is why it is necessary to take care of your appearance and internal content. Go to beauty salons, dress fashionably and be sexy. Keep in mind that the image should leave some intrigue behind it. To keep a married man, you need to be interesting, since the monotony and narrow-mindedness of a woman is likely to act repulsively. Read books, find an interesting hobby for yourself, be versatile, in general, a man should be interested next to you.
  3. If a man has feelings, then you can make him jealous. In this matter, the main thing is not to overdo it. He must realize that other men also claim his chosen one and at what point he can lose her.
  4. Many are interested in whether it is possible to keep men with sex or not. Passionate and varied sex is, of course, good, but forwhat to do if the guy does not appreciate other aspects are also important for a full-fledged and long-term relationship. Create a cozy and warm atmosphere for your loved one.
  5. Be easy on the rise, do not demand anything and do not control. He has enough such «fetters» in relations with his wife. A man himself must understand where it is much easier for him to be and where he feels happy. Only in this case it will be possible to count on the fact that the situation will be resolved in your favor.

Many girls, thinking about how to keep a married man, take drastic steps and fraudulently become pregnant. I would like to say right away that it is almost impossible to bind a chosen one in this way, and in some situations, unexpected news can simply repel a partner.


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