How to keep a relationship with a guy

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How to keep a relationship with a guy

If a relations come to a standstill, do not want to think that this is the end. “Am I really going to cool off for this handsome guy?” The girl thinks, going on another date. How not to let feelings disappear without a trace?
Anxiety about relationships does not allow you to live in peace


Realize the reality of your fears. Why did the idea that feelings pass come to your mind right now? Do you suspect a guy of cheating or do you just miss being around him?
If you feel that a man is clearly growing cold towards you, do not immediately bury relations. A period of temporary indifference is normal, every couple goes through this stage. The main mistake in such a situation is to come up with reasons to be together. It is worth doing the opposite — let the meetings be infrequent, then the attraction will increase.
If it is you who is bored in a couple, just allow yourself this. Do you think guys only like perpetually cheerful beauties? This is not so at all, if only because sometimes it is useful for lovers to share a common sadness among themselves and support each other. This experience enriches any relations.
Sometimes the cause of the fear of losing a relationship is jealousy. At the mere thought that there are so many lonely beautiful girls around your boyfriend, does your heart shrink? Just tell yourself that he has already chosen you, and the fact that he pays attention to others only says that he is a sociable person.
Jealousy will disappear when you stop reinforcing this emotion with actions. Stop flinching when his phone chimes with a text message, refuse the temptation to check his Odnoklassniki page. It will take some willpower here, but over time you will feel relieved and the fear of losing your boyfriend will lessen.
Remember that it is impossible to change another person, no matter what they write in ladies’ magazines. Trying to drown out your fear of losing a guy, you should not control his life, especially openly make claims. Let go of your fear and let things take their course. You will soon realize that your fears are completely unfounded.

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