How to know if a friend or not a friend

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How to know if a friend or not a friend

We meet people, communicate, learn friend friendand closer and, on the basis of what we heard or saw, we draw conclusions whether a person is pleasant to us or not. On an intuitive level, we enjoy communicating with like-minded people. But how do you know if friendships are mutual?
How to know if a friend or not a friend


As the simple truth says — friend known in trouble. But the trouble is different. For a student, a real misfortune is a test for which he did not prepare. Will it help in this case? friend? He can let him write off, if only he would stop poking a pen at him, or he can intentionally turn away to give a lesson for life, showing what frivolity leads to. At the same time, he will sincerely regret his refusal to help. When real trouble happens, and many friends turn away, you need to pay attention to those who are nearby. It is those units that remained at a difficult moment to support a person not only in word, but also in deed, worthy of being called friends.
Real friend will always stand up for his comrade, even if he understands that strength is on friendoh side, and reprisal is inevitable. That’s what friends are for, to get into stories together and just as amicably and together get out of them. Doubting friendat best, will call someone else, or retreat from the scene.
For check friendand for strength, you can create an artificial problem yourself. For example, spread an unpleasant rumor about yourself and wait for the reaction of friends. Those friends who will support the rumor about an unpleasant story and begin to whisper about it with friendtheir comrades, promoting the rumor to the masses, are not worthy of being called friends. And whoever swallowed a fictitious rumor, as if it did not exist, continuing to communicate with you sincerely, he is recognized as the best and most reliable friendohm. It happens that sincere friends are very difficult to meet in life, not everyone passes the test, but, nevertheless, confidence in one’s neighbor never hurts.

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