How to learn to express your thoughts

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How to learn to express your thoughts

It would seem that the ability to express one’s thoughts is a natural human need. But not everyone can easily boast of this ability, and there are many explanations for this. Starting from the causes of tongue-tied tongue, you can find ways out and, finally, learn to express yourself.
Communicate more with other people, and over time, expressing your thoughts will become easier.


Often, the severity of communication is born due to adverse situations in childhood. For example, the child was not allowed to speak, motivated by the fact that he still cannot say anything intelligible. In this case, it is better to contact a competent psychotherapist who will help get rid of the complex and restore self-confidence.
If there were no psychotraumas, but you feel constant discomfort in a conversation, your thoughts get confused, and your throat dries up, then it’s worth working with your self-esteem. Most likely, your timidity is manifested not only at the moment when you broadcast. You can build confidence with the help of interesting trainings, which are now being held in large numbers all over the world. As a rule, they take place in a playful way, where participants learn to communicate, talk about themselves and express their thoughts in various ways.
It is worth being with people more, communicating, performing joint activities. Is it possible to learn to verbally express thoughts by talking to someone only with the help of a keyboard? Real practice brings the highest quality results. It is important to meet different people, not to be afraid to enter into a dialogue with them, and the point is not even that you have to say some smart speeches, but that you just talk to someone.
Surround yourself with comfort. It could be a hobby club, your favorite cafe or a park. Do not immediately throw yourself into a serious situation that requires intellectual concentration. Let the atmosphere be friendly, then it will be easier for you to express your thoughts.
Read more. Sometimes people simply do not have enough vocabulary to express the whole complex of thoughts that is born in their head. Pay special attention to fiction and journalism, since it is there that you will draw the necessary constructions for your speech.
Don’t be afraid to push yourself. It seems so difficult to pull yourself together and say a few sentences, but it’s just a difficult threshold of entry. As soon as you begin to speak, fear and insecurity will gradually evaporate, and the expression of your thoughts will become more accurate and elegant.
Not all people are the same, and not everyone can express themselves competently in speech. It all depends on your thinking: if you are an auditory thinker, then speaking is easy for you, but if you are a visual thinker, it is quite possible that rhetoric is not your thing. Often this happens to creative people who find it easier to express themselves in a picture, in a musical or literary work, as well as in dance. As a rule, these are not the best speakers, but in their field they are professionals who are able to express their thoughts non-verbally.

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