How to learn to kiss for the first time?

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how to kiss for the first time

The first kiss is a long-awaited and always exciting event. For the first time, both partners hang out in front of each other, because you want to kiss, but you don’t know how to do it right. The more embarrassment, the more awkward the movements and the crumpled sensations of the process that should be enjoyed. How to learn to kiss for the first time, we will tell in this article.

How to learn to kiss a girl with a boy?

This question often torments young girls, although, in fact, it should not. It is easier for girls in this regard — the partner leads, and you just repeat the movements and have fun. The main thing, no matter what age you are, do not be ashamed of your inability to kiss. A smart guy will appreciate the opportunity to «be the first» in such a delicate matter. But boys in the first kiss is much more difficult

How to learn to kiss on the lips for the first time?

Get over your shyness. This is especially true for males. The fact is that sometimes boys in every possible way delay the moment of the kiss, not daring to start. If a girl looks and does not look away, this is a sure sign that she is ready for a kiss. It is much easier to relax in a relaxed but romantic atmosphere. In the twilight, people look more attractive, and sensations are aggravated to the limit.

An important moment of any kiss is breathing. Bad breath will unwittingly reject any partner. Naturally, the smoky aroma will not please anyone either. Chewing gum or an apple slice will save the day, although it would be best to brush your teeth.

Remember that a kiss is not only the movements of the lips and tongue. Pleasant words, sorting out hair, stroking the head and shoulders play an important role in the kiss.

Don’t make sudden movements. Neither you nor your girlfriend or boyfriend are in a hurry. Indulge in your sensations and feelings without too much fuss.

How to learn to kiss in French?

If we describe the dry technique of a French kiss, then it looks something like this: after gentle mutual biting of the lips, one of the partners penetrates the tongue into the mouth of the other (neatly and unpersistently). Touch the tip of your tongue to your partner’s tongue, making soft, unobtrusive movements. Run your tongue over your gums and lips. Do not try to make intense movements — even the lightest touches on such a strong erogenous zone as the tongue can bring an unforgettable experience!

The main mistake in a kiss, which is most often characteristic of guys, is selfishness. Boys forget about their girlfriends, naively believing that if they like strong biting, sharp movements and a frantic pace, then their partners will like it (although there are such). In a kiss, it is very important to focus on the partner’s reaction. If something is unpleasant for a girl, then you will feel it — the main thing how to learn to kiss a girlpay attention and take note. As a rule, in couples that maintain a good relationship, there will be no shame in being honest — you can directly tell each other about your feelings. Such behavior only leads to greater rapprochement and mutual understanding of people.

How do you know if you’re a good kisser?

The reaction of a partner will never deceive. If a girl and a guy are pleased with each other, then they both will feel and understand it. After all, a kiss is not just technical movements, but, above all, feelings, love, shared by two.

How to learn to kiss better? The first and foremost is practice. Just do not constantly think about what and how you are doing. Experiment, try, invent something new, new. Training in such a pleasant business strengthens relationships, cheers up and prolongs life. Note to girls: especially passionate kisses also help to lose weight.

Happy kisses!


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