How to learn to listen

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How to learn to listen

In business, and in personal relationships, it is very important to be able to listen and correctly understand your interlocutor or opponent. Unfortunately, we do not always know how to do this, resulting in misunderstanding and resentment.
How to learn to listen


To master the ability to listen to the interlocutor, constantly develop it in yourself. Being in a public place, in a state of “loneliness in the crowd”, listen to what people are saying, analyze their conversations and draw conclusions.
You must understand that listening and understanding the interlocutor, first of all, is necessary for you. Firstly, in a conversation a person is revealed more fully, you get to know him better. Secondly, the fact that you are listening to him invites you to a more frank conversation, because in doing so you demonstrate your respectful attitude. Thirdly, in a conversation you can understand how a person treats you specifically. Listen and draw your own conclusions.
Control yourself on the continuation of the entire conversation with the interlocutor — as soon as you lose the thread and stop catching the meaning, focus and concentrate. You can only ask clarifying questions, formulating them sequentially, based on the answers received. After he has spoken, briefly formulate your interlocutor of his speech to make sure that you understand him exactly as he wanted.
During a conversation, try to establish visual contact with the interlocutor, which can be interrupted to make the necessary notes in a notebook. Do not move your eyes around in the room, do not be distracted by a mobile phone, do not flip through the organizer — let him understand that you are listening to him carefully, nod and comment in monosyllables on what you hear so that a lengthy comment does not take him away from the main topic.
Do not finish sentences for your opponent, even if your choice seems the most logical to you. Even after a slight hitch, the interlocutor will do it himself. In this case, you will be sure that he said exactly what he wanted.
Do not start thinking about your answer before the interlocutor has finished his speech, at this moment you may, due to your inattention, miss something important that you wanted to convey to you.


In order to learn to listen well, you need to respect the interlocutor. First of all, you need to sensitively capture the meaning of what the interlocutor said. What does a person expect from a conversation? Sympathy, compassion, wise advice, support, encouragement.

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The ability to listen to an interlocutor is a real talent that not all of us have, but, fortunately, it can be developed in oneself. If you want to become a good listener, and therefore a good conversationalist, you should pay attention to your habits of talking with other people.

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