How to leave an alcoholic husband

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How to leave an alcoholic husband

Does your husband drink? It’s his choice. If he has a physical dependence on alcohol, a high resistance to alcohol and a constant need to drink, then he is one of the representatives of the two millionth army of Russian alcoholics. An alcoholic husband can create serious problems not only for society, but, more often, be a source of violence, poverty and disease in the family. It is up to you whether to risk yourself by staying with him, or to leave him and reclaim the prosperous life to which you are entitled.
How to leave an alcoholic husband


Accept the fact that you can’t force your husband stop drinking. Many wives of alcoholics continue to live with their spouses because they feel sorry for them, they understand that without their care, the partner runs the risk of finally sinking. They say that alcoholism is a disease, and the sick need help. Their main mistake is that they do not want to admit that any disease needs to be treated, and if the patient does not want to be treated, then he does not deserve either sympathy or support.
Think about how you will build your life, leaving husband. What will change? What will you lose? What will you get? Think about how your decision will affect other people besides you and yours. husband. For children? On your parents? On your loyal friends?
Think about where you will live or where you will send your spouse to live? Even if the husband has not previously shown a tendency to violence, you still cannot stay in the same territory with him. Gather his things or move yours.
Tell your husband about your decision, choosing a time when he is sober if possible. Explain to him, using examples, how his alcoholism has affected your life, the life of your family. Don’t blame, just state the facts. Choose a quiet, public place where you won’t be alone, but where you can have a conversation in peace. If you have reason to fear for your safety, choose prudence over nobility — leave him a note.
After you leave, try not to make contact with him. Change your mobile phone number or block its number in your device. Do not let him into the apartment where you live. Don’t let him «catch» you on the street. There is a slim chance that your withdrawal will be able to move him to give up alcohol, but this takes time. Don’t give him «one more chance», let him first do what you have been trying to achieve from him for so long. Don’t feel compelled to return if your spouse goes into rehab. Lost trust is not something that can be dropped and then picked up again.


Minimize financial risks — close joint accounts, check mortgages, inform acquaintances and friends that from now on you are not responsible for partner’s debts.

Useful advice

If you feel guilty, see a psychologist. Living with an alcoholic is a severe psychological trauma from which not everyone can recover on their own.

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