How to leave and forget

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How to leave and forget

When relationships don’t work out, the thought arises to drop everything and leave. But easy to say and hard to do. A physical change of residence can change the home environment and the view from the window, but we still remember the breakup that happened and suffer from it. How to leave and forget, how to overcome sad thoughts? Let’s look at some tips.
How to leave and forget


You need to clearly understand that life does not end on these relationships, and moreover, fate itself tells you that these relationships have exhausted themselves, and it would be time to plunge headlong into new acquaintances. As soon as the realization comes that this person is not the hero of your novel, then the time will come for changes in your personal life. No one has canceled the power of thought, and its properties of materialization have long been proven by scientists.
The following targeted actions will also contribute to the possibility of leaving a person’s life forever. Firstly, it is necessary to clear the cell phone from sms, mms and photos of the forgotten addressee. Secondly, remove joint photos from albums and from the desk. Thirdly, throw away things, souvenirs that this person gave or that evoke memories of him.
You need to be active in your free time. Meeting friends, dancing until dawn at discos, learning a foreign language — all this and much more contributes to the healing of spiritual wounds. The main thing is to stop discussing an unpleasant breakup with loved ones, forcing yourself to relive negative emotions.
In the case when emotions have accumulated and there is no one to express them, then one should turn to paper. Write a story on behalf of the main character. Come up with a happy ending to the story. Now put your memoirs aside, go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air. Everything, the page of a new stage in life is open, and what will be written on it depends only on you.

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