How to let him know that I like him

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How to let him know that I like him

You have been talking with a guy for a long time, but despite the fact that everything seems to be great, your relationship does not go beyond friendship. Perhaps your partner does not quite understand your feelings and therefore does not dare to take the next step. In this situation, it is best to gently let him know that you like him, and only then wait for further actions from him.
The line between friendship and love is barely perceptible


Feel free to call him, make sure that you can see each other more often.
Try to emphasize your views on the relationship between a man and a woman in a casual conversation. For example, while discussing a romantic movie, casually drop a phrase that, in your opinion, the hero could guess about the feelings of the heroine a long time ago, given how much time she wants to spend with him. Maybe your friend will guess to draw a parallel.
Arrange “random” touches: touch your elbow, touch your shoulder. In this case, your friend may not understand your feelings, but for sure he will have some of his own, this is also in your favor.
In general, if you do not want him to consider you just a girlfriend, stop considering yourself as such. For example, if he tells you about other girls, you do not need to pretend that you find these conversations amusing, you do not need to give any advice. Of course, throwing a tantrum is also not worth it, but your appearance should tell you that you don’t want to know the other girls in his life.
Make small sacrifices. For example, if he calls you to go for a walk together, say that at this time you were going to sit with your beloved friend. And then declare that a friend, of course, can wait. Let him know that he is more important than friends and anything else.
And finally, the most popular method. Let your girlfriend «accidentally» let it slip that you like him. If something goes wrong, you can always say that all this is a fantasy of a friend. But use this method last. With a good set of circumstances, your friend will understand everything on his own much earlier.

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