How to let him know that you love

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How to let him know that you love

It often happens that friendships with a young man develop into something more on your part. At the same time, this often happens mutually, but both partners, not daring to open their feelings, continue to communicate according to an established model. This can go on for quite some time. In this case, you should try to hint to your partner that you are not averse to changing everything.
Friendship between a man and a woman often develops into love.


It would be best, of course, to say everything directly. But then, most likely, you will have to forget about friendship, regardless of whether your feelings are mutual. On the other hand, maybe it’s better. Think about it.
Try to spend as much time with him as possible. Emphasize in conversation that you think that sacrificing free time is possible only for people who are very dear.
Don’t tell him about the other guys you hang out with or have talked to. You don’t need him to think that you have someone else to whom you are not indifferent, but he is just a friend. In general, stop thinking of yourself as a friend. Perhaps your young man, because of your friendly behavior, does not dare to take the first step.
Let him understand that you are more important than everyone else for you. If he invites you to the movies, say that you were going to see this movie with your best friend. But immediately notice that, of course, you will go better with him.
Try the classic way to a man’s heart — treat him with homemade goodies. At the same time, this may be an extra reason to meet in private.
Always sincerely rejoice when you see him. Do not make a sad expression that reflects your mental anguish, because it can be misinterpreted.

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