How to live with an unloved husband?

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How to live with an unloved husband

Most girls believe that they should marry for love, and they marry, and many cannot breathe for their soul mate. But it also happens that some time after the wedding, the spouse turns out to be not the “prince” he dreamed of, and love has disappeared somewhere. And what to do — live with an unloved person or part with her husband?

Is it worth it to live with an unloved person?

Some women may say “I live with the unloved and do not see any problem in this,” but for most this situation is seen as a disaster. And they can be understood, not everyone is able to find joy in marriage unloved. But still, for many women, divorce due to lack of feelings is unacceptable, it is considered only as a last resort. Only a very independent and self-confident woman can afford to say “I’m getting a divorce because I don’t love”. And the ladies, for the most part, continue to live with their husbands, suffering from a lack of feelings.

But still, it is very important to figure out whether it is worth living with the unloved and when you can resort to the extreme method — divorce.

The first cases that come to mind are when a husband is captured by alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling or serious mental illness. The unwillingness of a man to accept help makes all the efforts of the most caring and patient wife useless. Domestic violence is also a big problem and often the only thing that can be done in this case is to run as far as possible. But there are times when there seem to be no obvious reasons for leaving, and the woman continues to support the marriage because of the children, thinking that they need a father. Naturally, a father is better than someone else’s uncle, but not if there is no harmony between the spouses. If quarrels and scandals are a common thing, then it is better for a child to grow up in an incomplete family, divorce will serve as a stress factor once, and family squabbles will injure his psyche every day.

It is also not uncommon for a woman to continue to suffer in marriage, fearing condemnation from acquaintances and friends. This is especially typical for small towns, in which no one cares about the mental anguish of a woman who does not know how to live with an unloved husband. Usually, in them, divorcees are considered exclusively as losers or walking women, the option “did not agree on the characters” is not even considered by local gossips. In this case, only one thing can be advised — divorce, because you live for yourself and if you are turned away from your soul by your own husband, then no public opinion should be a controlling factor.

How to live with an unloved man?

In addition to all of the above, there are frequent situations when a woman would be glad to break off relations, but cannot because of dependence in material or emotional terms. And if there is no way to overcome such an addiction, it remains to understand how to live with an unloved husband.

It’s no secret that women are more emotional creatures, and love can have many different shades — from pity to hatred. The main thing is to understand and accept, but if there is nothing similar at all, then you should look for another way out of this situation. The obvious solution to the problem will be an attempt to minimize communication with the spouse. You can do this in many ways — devote yourself to work, children, find an exciting hobby, try to become How to live with the unlovedexemplary housewife, treating household chores like work. There are many ways and all of them are feasible, but only if you feel the strength in yourself to hide your attitude towards your spouse, pretending to be loving and caring. And ideally, you need to talk frankly with your husband, partnerships will allow you not to experience any illusions and not make any excessive demands on your spouse and be free from them yourself.

But still, if you live unbearably with the unloved, then it is better to leave, regardless of dependence of any kind. You can always find a way out, as they say — there are a thousand possibilities if there is a desire, and there are a lot of excuses if there is no desire.


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