How to love dad

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How to love dad

Every person needs to love their own dad. This is especially important for women, because with the relationship to the pope, women begin to relate to all other men. And if there are resentments, misunderstanding and other negative emotions in this area, then there will be problems with men in a woman’s life. Therefore, you need to let go of all grievances and learn to love. dad.
love dad


The first thing to start with is to write down on paper all your grievances against dad, all the cases when he did not do what you expected from him. If you are overwhelmed by emotions, do not push them deep inside, it is better to sit, cry.
Now, on a second sheet of paper, write down all the wrongs that you could have caused him. It will be ten times more difficult to do this, because you never even thought that he could be offended by some of your actions. Or they did something because they were offended by him. However, the reasons are not important now — just make this list. Take a few days if you need to.
When the list is complete, take these two lists and read them. Perhaps you will understand a lot when you read these two texts. If you conclude that not only he, but also you were the cause of your disagreements, this is already a big step towards learning to love. dad.
If comparing the lists doesn’t work and the resentment remains, think of your dad not as the person who hurts you, but as a child. Think about his parents, environment, upbringing. Perhaps you will understand that your dad did not make himself the way you don’t like him — maybe overly strict, categorical, harsh, etc. It’s just that he was brought up that way, and he can’t change.
Write down the positive qualities of your dad on a piece of paper, from the biggest to the smallest. Reread the list at least once a day, and very soon you will see that your attitude towards it has changed radically.
Tell your dad often that you love him, despite all your grievances. These three words can change the biggest misunderstanding of many years.

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