How to make a boy fall in love with you?

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how to make a guy love you

To fall in love with a boy, at the sight of which your knees buckle, your voice trembles treacherously, and conscious thoughts are evacuated somewhere, often seems to be something out of a fantasy series. And yet in dreams you walk together, he holds your hand and says the desired words. Let’s think together how to make the boy you like fall in love with you.

First, gather your thoughts and try to soberly assess the situation. How hopeless does everything seem to you?

Option 1. You do not know each other, and although you see each other quite often (for example, at school or university), the chosen one does not seem to pay any attention to you. Perhaps he has learned to look away with lightning speed, just like you know how. And, perhaps, he simply does not know about your existence, because you diligently pretend that you are interested in something in the opposite direction. Getting attention is your first goal.

  • appearance is especially important in the stage when the boy is at a distance. How to make a guy love you if you get lost in the mass of others or, on the contrary, do not stand out in the best way. Carefully study his style, and soften yours if it differs dramatically. You should not completely change the image in the case when you do not like the style of the chosen one at all. Be yourself, but one step closer. A girl who likes herself exudes special vibes that attract men. Perhaps others will not know that you are wearing a new dress or a shade of lipstick, but they will certainly feel your emotional upsurge. It is likely that he did too;
  • to appear in the life of the chosen one is better effectively. So, you look great. Now think about how you can meet. There are many options: films and advertisements are full of romantic scenarios. From an accidental collision with textbooks flying all over the floor to an Oscar-winning scene with an attack by «hooligans»;
  • find or create «points of contact». If a boy takes an active part in mass events, you should think about how to shine on stage next to him. The attention of others and applause will raise self-esteem and give confidence;
  • try to «make friends» with the chosen one in one of the social networks. If articulate sentences are hard for you to get excited when communicating with your loved one live, give him the opportunity to appreciate your rich inner world in a different way. The main thing: do not bombard the boy with banal quotes. A funny picture is only good as an excuse to start a virtual conversation. And do not forget to check your wall for compliance with the image that you are going to present to the chosen one;
  • if the acquaintance did not result in love at first sight, consider other options on how to make a guy fall in love with you.

Option 2. You have been hanging out in the same company for a long time. Talk, call up, meet. But things don’t go any further … How to make the boy with whom you are “only friends” fall in love with you:

  • urgent need to change tactics. How to behave with a familiar guy so that he falls in love is a matter that requires decisive action. Now it is important that he sees you as a girl, not a friend. First, make sure that your appearance matches (at least approximately) his taste (thankfully, you should know him). Sometimes competition helps — if one or more guys like you, then your chances of success increase, because a man is a conqueror by nature;
  • you have a trump card — you know about his hobbies. If they interest you, show it. Ask a guy to give you some guitar lessons if he likes to sing songs around a campfire. Or volunteer to roller skate and let the boy support and teach you. So you let him feel like a man, which means that the likelihood that he will finally see a girl in you is quite high;
  • very often a little more alone time is enough. If you are in different companies, try to stay with him alone to talk heart to heart. How to behave with a guy so that he falls in loveIt means digging a little deeper than what he’s showing off. Be careful, listen to him. A guy needs to enjoy being alone with you to propose a first date.

What not to do:

  • discuss acquaintances;
  • complain about life
  • talk only about yourself.

Of course, there is no one hundred percent recipe “how to make a boy love you”. But also hopeless situations — too!


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