How to make a guy bored?

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How to make a guy miss you

If a guy misses you, then this is one of the signs of his love. But here’s how to find out if a guy is bored, and if not, how to make a loved one miss? Do you need mysterious magical rites or just need to change your behavior a little?

How to make a guy bored? Magic will help!

Wanting to change something in our lives, we start looking for ways to achieve the goal and very often turn our eyes towards magic, considering it the least expensive way. But this is not entirely true — any magical action requires willpower, as well as concentration throughout the entire process. So if you burn a candle, wanting to bewitch a guy, and think about dumplings in the freezer, then the maximum that you can get from such an action is the desire to eat. Therefore, before starting the action, you need to clearly imagine the image of what should be the result of the ritual. Moreover, it is necessary to imagine not the future tense, but the present, as if the desire has already been fulfilled. In addition, love magic should be done on a growing moon, and one’s intention to carry out the ritual should be kept secret from everyone.

So, how to make your favorite guy miss you? You need to take any thing that has been in his hands. You need to read the conspiracy for this thing 9 times: “I conjure you (the name of the beloved), your thing is with me, your thoughts are about me. Reach for me, miss me, you will find joy only when you are with me. The enchanted thing must be hidden at home so that it does not catch anyone’s eyes. After the ritual is completed, you need to stop thinking about the fulfillment of desire, believing that everything has already happened. Well, in order for the guy to get bored, you need to not see him for several days.

How to make a guy miss: psychology

If you are wary of all magical «tricks», then you should turn to psychology. She also knows how to make a guy miss you.

Everyone remembers Pavlov’s dogs with their conditional instincts? You can do the same with people. If a person gets pleasure, then he strives with all his might to repeat those actions that lead to such a result. Everything seems to be clear, the guy is fine with you, he misses you without you. Therefore, he runs with all his might so that it becomes good again. True, there is one problem — you are not the only woman on Earth, and therefore a man can get this “good” with any other. So what to do to make a guy miss you? It is necessary that all the pleasant moments of your relationship be imprinted in his memory, so that the process of obtaining pleasure is associated with you. For this purpose, NLP advises hanging your loved one with “anchors” — creating a connection between a pleasant moment and your person. Like the scent you smelled on your first date, the song that played during your couple’s most romantic moments, the words you whisper in his ear during orgasm, etc.

How it works? For example, he hears music, remembers that you kissed passionately to this melody, and then he periodically heard it, in general, this music in his thoughts is associated exclusively with you. Memories go on, he understands how great he was then with you and how not very good now. In a word, the guy starts to miss you.

Many girls try this way to make a guy lovesick, like ignoring his calls, to make a guy missavoiding him for a while. The method is really good, but only if the girl has already managed to “hook” the guy with something. And here you also need to be wary of overdoing it — if the girl does not show signs of interest for a long time, then the guy will stop “hunting” for her — no one needs unpromising projects.

How to understand that a guy is bored?

Understanding that a guy misses you is pretty simple. He constantly shows his desire to be around all the time. For example, he often calls, writes messages, and when meeting, he constantly looks into his eyes, tries to touch as often as possible. And he also strives to spend all his free time together, he says that he cannot wait for the next meeting.


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