How to make a guy romantic

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How to make a guy romantic

All girls love attention, care, beautiful courtship, tender kisses and flowers. Many women, while still very young, dreamed of a handsome, romantic prince on a white horse. But not all of these dreams come true. Years go by, girls grow up, but their dreams do not change. Let’s try to figure out if it is possible to change a loved one and make him a romantic guy. And what does a girl need to do for this?
How to make a guy romantic
You will need
  • Women’s cunning, candles, a bottle of expensive wine


Understand yourself first. What exactly do you mean by «romantic guy». Draw yourself a diagram in which you describe and admit to yourself what you want to see in your loved one.
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If, for example, a young man does not give you flowers, but you really want this, then you should hint to him about it. Passing by a flower shop, you can flirtatiously tell your lover how beautiful these flowers are. If the guy is «with a head», he will definitely understand your hint.
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If you have some important holiday or event coming up, for example, the anniversary of your acquaintance, be sure to arrange a romantic dinner, prepare candles, buy expensive champagne or wine — let him see what you love and what exactly gives you pleasure.
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Talk to him more often. Do not be shy and do not be afraid to talk heart to heart, find out what he thinks about, what he loves. In addition, try to open your desires and dreams to him, explain what exactly you want. For example, so that he buys you flowers not only on the eighth of March, but more often. To give soft toys, invite to concerts, theaters and restaurants.
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Tip 2: How to make a guy romantic

Girls are by nature much more emotional than boys. In addition, they tend to attach great importance to the romantic side of courtship: beautiful bouquets of flowers, gentle words, and so on. Moreover, a woman sincerely in love here truly does not know the measure, she is ready to accept such signs of attention almost every hour. Young people, on the other hand, are much more rationally tuned, “down to earth”. As a result, the fair sex is often offended, reproached for the lack of romanticism, for the inability or unwillingness to care «correctly». How can you make your lover more romantic?
How to make a guy romantic


First of all, understand that blaming a guy for not behaving the way you want is simply naive. After all, young people have a completely different physiology and psychology, and it would be strange to expect them to behave like girls!
If something does not suit you, do not wait and do not hope that the man himself will understand this, guess. Believe me: your hints are absolutely not enough for this. Even if they would be enough for any of your girlfriends! Once again, guys think and act very differently. Remember the wise advice of Rhett Butler, addressed to the eccentric beauty Scarlett: “If you need something from a man, say it directly!”
Take it as an axiom that the stronger sex is much less emotional. He is horror! — gives you flowers only once a week? It’s very common for him! If you want your young man to give them to you more often — make sure that he guesses. Hint (but only clearly, understandably!), Or admire the beauty of flowers on a walk. There is no need to hope that an insight will suddenly descend on your beloved. Telepathy has not yet entered our everyday life.
Delicately, unobtrusively, teach him romantic courtship. As if by chance, let’s understand what exactly you like, what kind of behavior you expect from him. Don’t limit yourself to one time, make sure you get it. So it will be easier for you and the guy for whom to puzzle over the question: “How to please her?” sometimes borders on the real torture.
Lead by example yourself. Agree that the claims to romance on the part of a woman, tastelessly dressed, with too bright, vulgar make-up, who has a can of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, are very naive. And a completely different thing is a girl in a beautiful dress, with an impeccably chosen hairstyle, at a table with candles. Here the atmosphere itself will contribute to a surge of romantic feelings!


Never put pressure on your man, do not force him to do what he does not want, otherwise you risk losing him forever.

Useful advice

By candlelight and in a beautiful setting, after a glass of wine, your loved one will be relaxed and, perhaps, will tell everything that he is afraid of and what he really wants.

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