How to make a husband out of a friend

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How to make a husband out of a friend

Friendship between a man and a woman is not as rare as we used to think. Another thing is that these relationships often hide completely unfriendly feelings. If you caught yourself thinking that you are not averse to making your friend husbandyou need to take matters into your own hands.
Is it possible to make a husband out of a friend?


To begin with, you need to realize that purely friendly relations between two people of different sexes almost never happen. As a rule, either one, or the other, or both immediately think about how to make the relationship closer. It is understandable. Friendship is born on the basis of sympathy, and if between two same-sex people it is the final of a relationship, then between people of different sexes, sympathy is very difficult not to go further. However, if a man and a woman do not go beyond friendship, then one of them does not want to go beyond this framework.
Think about which of you is such a brake on the development of love — you or your friend. If you have been latently feeling his sympathy for a long time, but he does not show it in any way, think about why this is so. Perhaps you are surrounded by fans all the time, and he considers you too inaccessible, or he is simply too modest, and still does not dare to hint at you about his feelings. In this case, you will have to take matters into your own hands and do everything so that he understands that you are also not indifferent.
Another thing is if your friend himself keeps you at a distance. This means that he does not see you as a woman at point-blank range, and you will have to correct this. It will be quite easy for you to do this, because you know him well. Think about what type of woman he likes and what you can do to get closer to that ideal. At the same time, change wisely. If he likes blondes, and you are a brunette, do not rush to the hairdresser’s immediately to lighten up. Explore the issue in depth. Find out what exactly attracts him in blondes. Perhaps in this image he sees a frivolous laughter. In the event that your demeanor is radically different from this image, changing the suit will not work. Try to change internally, and it is very possible that soon he will begin to look at you not only as friend.
Sometimes it happens that men see in a woman friend by inertia — they are used to making friends at the institute, at work, and this is how it continues. In this case, a woman needs to play on the herd instinct, which is inherent in every man to one degree or another. In other words, to make a lot of fans revolve around you. Seeing such interest in his still girlfriend, a man will definitely ask himself what they see in her that he does not see. And after this question, he will definitely see a woman in you and join the ranks of your admirers.

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