How to make a kiss unforgettable

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How to make a kiss unforgettable

Anticipating intimacy, jumping into a relationship, anticipating happiness, it’s all about the kiss. Many of his techniques have been invented. In order to impress your beloved, try to combine them and influence all the senses.
How to make a kiss unforgettable


First, the eyes. If you are in love, you don’t have to «do something». Put into your eyes with all sincerity what you feel. Eyes full of desire and love — this is already a caress, and even what! If the girl does not look away and responds to your gaze, most likely she is ready for a kiss. Then you can move on to touch.
It will be best if you kiss the girl not immediately, but after your hands «get acquainted» with her body. Barely touch her face, swipe across her cheek, move to her hair, then her neck. Another option is to run your fingers lightly over her lips, feel how they reach for you, opening slightly. If you did everything right, your beloved will close her eyes.
Then you can kiss her. Slightly at the corners of the lips. Your breath hitched, hot, she can feel it on her cheeks. She also smells your body — just the body, do not overdo it with perfume when going on a date. Her scent also intoxicates you, and your kisses become bolder.
You «taste» her lips several times, already parting them. Your hands caress the girl’s back, hugs become stronger. You should feel what she likes by the way she presses her whole chest against you. Then you can move on to the “French kiss”, when the tongues of the partners caress each other, and their souls, again, in the words of the French, touch.
No matter how long a kiss lasts, it cannot last forever. But it will be better if you do not immediately tear yourself away from your partner’s lips. Touching the tips of your lips, whisper some love «nonsense» to her — everything that breaks out of your heart. Perhaps it will even be a line of poetry, who knows? At the court of Louis XV, this was called a «conversational kiss.» He will finally touch the lady of your heart.
And again look. Full of gratitude. A new thing appeared in your eyes — the experience of recognizing each other, another step towards intimacy.

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