How to make a man bored?

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how to make a man bored

We are used to the fact that men usually hide their feelings, considering their manifestation as weakness. But such behavior raises doubts whether men are bored in principle? Maybe they don’t need and don’t have access to such experiences, and we ask them for nothing in vain?

How to make a man bored?

First you need to understand when we start to get bored. Obviously, this happens when you lose the opportunity to access something expensive. Everyone misses their parents, carefree childhood, beloved pet, etc. This feeling is the same for everyone, so the question of whether men are bored is inappropriate. If you are really dear to your chosen one, then he will definitely look forward to meeting you, anticipating each one. Although it doesn’t hurt to figure out how to make a man bored. Suddenly there will be a need to help your loved one experience this feeling?

  1. Often, girls try so hard to demonstrate their affection that they literally do not let a man breathe. Try another tactic, stop calling him every hour, you have other things to do. Spend more time on work and hobbies, now let him call and ask how you are doing.
  2. If you do not live together yet, then on your next visit to a man, forget some thing from him that will remind you of you. Of course, if you are thinking about how to bore a married man, this advice will not work. If the wife finds the left thing, then the lover will remember you, but not the fact that with a kind word.
  3. Do you want a man to be bored? Spend more time with him, full of interesting, memorable events. Then he will unwittingly associate every memory with you.
  4. If you are thinking about how to make a married man bored, then you will have to connect your analytical skills. Think about what he doesn’t get in marriage: sex, basic attention, favorite foods, praise. Try to give him what he wants, and then he will definitely remember you and miss the special treatment that he cannot get at home.


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