How to make a man run after him?

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how to make a man chase you

Many women are ready for a lot to win the man they like, but they don’t have a clear idea of ​​u200bu200bhow to do this. Some take desperate steps, for example, prepare various potions, perform rituals, do plastic surgery, etc. If you know some secrets, then none of this will be needed and the man will fall at his feet.

How to make a man run after him?

The competition among women is quite high, because, as you know, there are much fewer men, which means that you need to stand out from the crowd.

10 proven ways to make a man run after you:

  1. The well-known expression — «men love with their eyes» works, so you should work on your appearance. Today, a woman has many different ways to improve her appearance. First, you need to work on the figure, and for this you should sign up for a gym and review your diet. Secondly, hairstyle and makeup are of great importance. To fulfill this condition, you need to go to a beauty salon.
  2. In psychology, there is another effective advice on how to make a man run after you — be positive. In real life, there are so many problems and disappointments, so when communicating with the opposite sex, you want lightness and fun. A man will certainly be attracted by a sincere smile and a kind look.
  3. Aggression and perseverance are repulsive factors for the opposite sex, so you need to forget about these character traits. The ideal woman is soft, caring and inaccessible. In principle, all men are hunters and they like to win prey, but in this case, the main thing is not to overplay.
  4. Another recommendation on how to make a married man run after you is to praise and admire him. Like it or not, the representatives of the stronger sex like to be in the first positions, so it is important to say a pleasant word at the right time, point out achievements and hide shortcomings. He will certainly appreciate it, especially if you do it in front of other people.
  5. Despite the fact that men do not like «dummies», you should not be smart and demonstrate your knowledge at an opportunity, since such behavior can be perceived as boasting or a desire to excel or humiliate.
  6. A dangerous but effective way to make a man run after you after a quarrel is to let him get jealous. He will never share his with anyone and in the end he will understand that at any moment another male can take away his beloved. It is only important to feel the edge so as not to get the label «windy».
  7. Representatives of the stronger sex do not like obsessive ladies who are literally hung around their necks. You should not beg for anything and blackmail, because if a man wants to do something nice, he will do it.
  8. Another way to get an ex-man to run after you is to be unpredictable. If, after a breakup, a woman suddenly calls and invites her ex to take a walk, then this will certainly be a surprise for him and, most likely, he will not refuse, although it all depends on the specific situation and the reasons for the breakup. 10 proven ways to make a man run after youIn any relationship, living according to a plan is not interesting and the best solution is spontaneity.
  9. It is important to be interested in a man’s life, for example, ask about his hobbies, food preferences, tastes, childhood, in general, he must understand that he is not indifferent.

The process of conquest for a man should be interesting, so you should not forget to encourage him for his perfect deeds, but it should be done in a dosed manner so that there is an incentive to achieve more. Flirting and playing are faithful companions in attracting the opposite sex.

You need to be yourself and not play in order to please a man, because sooner or later the secret will come true, and the beloved can run away.


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