How to make a nice proposal

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How to make a nice proposal

A wedding, rings, a white veil, a chic dress, a decent husband, many guests — this is probably the dream of every girl. All this, of course, is beautiful. But in order for there to be a wedding, the future husband, at a minimum, must make an offer. It is worth noting that the proposal itself for a girl is a special moment in life. And to make it more memorable, you need to show imagination and make the proposal original.
How to make a nice proposal


First, consider the option «restaurant». To do this, we will have to remember the American melodramas that the “dream factory” so carefully supplies us with. The action script is simple. We go to a restaurant, agree with the manager, dedicate him to all the details of our plan (when the lights should turn off, when the music should play, what dishes to serve, etc.). Do not lose sight of the fact that this action will cost a pretty penny. However, this already depends on the ability to make a reservation. After an oral agreement with the manager is concluded, we bring the object of passion to this very restaurant, who is destined to hear these cherished three words — “marry me”. To heighten the effect, you can kneel and stretch the ring.
Now consider the «light in the night» option. Pyrotechnic. But don’t be afraid. Huge batteries of salutes are not needed here. In this case, «fountains» will come in handy. A pyrotechnic fountain is a container from which a sheaf of sparks rises upwards. From the side it looks pretty nice. We buy a lot of fountains. We connect the wicks of all units. This is done so that it is enough to set it on fire just once, and all the others will ignite in a chain reaction. From these fountains already tied with wicks, the same text “marry me” is laid out. When everything is ready, we call our beloved’s mobile, ask her to go to the window under which all this is located, and set fire to the wick in front of her eyes. Twenty seconds later, thanks to a chain reaction and linked fuses, the marriage proposal will blaze into the night.

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