How to make the night unforgettable for him

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How to make the night unforgettable for him

Candles, romance, passionate evenings — do you think that everything is already in the past? For most couples who have been dating for a long time or live together, such manifestations of feelings become less and less every year. People get used to each other, forgetting to talk about love to their other halves. However, do not think that all the past has sunk into oblivion, revive your feelings. To do this, you just need to prepare a small surprise for your lover.
How to make the night unforgettable for him
You will need
  • In order to make the night truly unforgettable, you will need items that will give the interior a little romance: candles, beautiful glasses, your favorite lyrical music. In addition, do not forget a light dinner.


Prepare your home for the arrival of your loved one. Create a romantic atmosphere, close the curtains, dim the lights, light candles and turn on beautiful music.
Set the table. Try to make everything look nice. Snow-white tablecloths, as well as glasses and dishes bought specifically for this event will help you with this. It is better if the dinner is light, otherwise, after a heavy meal, your lover will not be drawn to romance, but to sleep.
After the table is set, take care of yourself. Forget stretched T-shirts and robes. Put on beautiful lingerie and a dress, make a stunning make-up.
Put a note in the plate of your beloved, which contains a declaration of love.

Make this evening unforgettable, talk about simple and easy things. Do not ask a man about business or work, do not remember past grievances, this will make him tense.
Do not turn on the TV, it will take all the attention of your partner.
Don’t forget to make a toast that explains your intentions and also tells your man how much you appreciate him.

The most logical conclusion to a romantic evening is an unforgettable night. Don’t jump on your loved one right away. Play with it a little. Give him a massage or arrange an impromptu striptease for each other.


If you do not want to have a romantic dinner at home, then you can choose your favorite restaurant or cafe, which has a lot of common memories (for example, a marriage proposal or a first kiss). Men, as a rule, no less than their other halves love and remember the places in which some events took place that changed their lives.

Useful advice

It is better to arrange romantic evenings at the end of the week or before the weekend. It is unlikely that your lover will like to get up early the next morning and go to work. If some date still falls on weekdays, it is better to know in advance the schedule and plans of your partner. Otherwise, the evening may not be as romantic as you intended.

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