How to make the night unforgettable

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How to make the night unforgettable

Do you think it’s unforgettable? night — is it a combination of candles and wine, rose petals and strawberries with cream? Forget! This script is long overdue and outdated. Perhaps such night becomes romantic. But it is unlikely to be truly unforgettable. We’ll have to come up with something more crazy and exciting. And night love will be remembered for a lifetime.
How to make the night unforgettable
You will need
  • A crazy dream, a sexual fantasy, a couple of tickets to a nightclub or a concert, an Eva costume, paints and brushes, a couple of fruits.


Arrange night confessions. Its purpose is to restore energy and strength. Make the most of each other. Start chatting. Ask each other the questions you were embarrassed to ask before. Name the things that excite you the most, tell your erotic fantasies. This nightYou get to know each other, for real.
Try something new together. Make your crazy dream come true. Do what you deep down want to do. But they did not do it before, because of their fears and prejudices. You can fulfill his sexual fantasy if you have already night confessions.
Dare to have sex in an unusual place. For example: at a party or in a nightclub, at a rock concert or in your office, on your desktop. You will surely have an unforgettable experience.
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Arrange night love in retro style. You can appear before your loved one in the form of a Greek fig tree, an oriental concubine, or even in the costume of Eve. With the help of historical eras, you will break the routine in your intimate life and get out of the usual rut.
Replace the usual caresses with fun games. Play artists. You need to undress, take paints, brushes and paint each other’s bodies with rich colors. Give space to your fantasies. By the way, the touch of a wet brush on the skin is very exciting and very unusual. You can also play the game «roll fruit». To do this, the man puts on his pants, and the woman must roll any fruit without the help of her hands from one leg to another.


During romantic moments, do not try to remember old grievances or ask your loved one about work.

Useful advice

Choose a convenient time for unforgettable nights. I don’t think that your loved one will be happy, get up at six in the morning, after all that has been done, and go to important negotiations. Better make plans for the weekend so that both have the opportunity to relax.

Remember the unique events from your life together more often. For example: the day you met, the first kiss or the first night of love.

Attention, only TODAY!

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