How to make the right choice

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How to make the right choice

How often do we suffer, not knowing how to act in a difficult and confusing situation? The agony of choice is reinforced by the understanding that any decision will lead to serious consequences, and a mistake made can be too expensive. Sometimes you really want to have a magic wand that would help you make the right choice. But if the magic wand is a fictional object, then our subconscious mind exists quite realistically. It will help us make the right choice in a difficult situation!
The agony of choice reinforces the understanding that any decision will lead to serious consequences.


This exercise is best performed at bedtime when you are relaxed, not thinking about the day’s worries and in silence. Lie down on the bed and let your body relax for a while. You may notice how tension gradually disappears from individual muscles, and breathing becomes deeper and calmer. Take note of this state.
Remember the problem situation and think about what options exist in it. Mentally imagine yourself having already made a choice. Imagine how you will feel in this case, what events you will have in life, what kind of people will surround you. Completely immerse yourself in the mentally made choice.
Listen to your body. Our subconscious is a powerful resource that helps us. It knows how to avoid conflict with the outside world and be in harmony with itself. The subconscious manifests itself at the level of mental images and sensory and kinesthetic sensations. With this in mind, listen to yourself. Do you feel emotional lift, imagining yourself making a choice, or, on the contrary, feel heaviness and dissatisfaction? Often the subconscious and intuition manifest as sensations that are clearly tied to the right and left parts of our body. So, any sensations (warmth, cold, tingling) in the left side of the body mean “no” to the proposed decision, in the right side of the body — “yes”.
Imagine in this way all the choices in turn, listening to your own feelings. As a result, it is quite possible that you will have some good behaviors. Compare them by the strength of the sensations they evoke. Having settled on one of them, be sure: you made the right choice.

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