How to make your husband earn money

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How to make your husband earn money

Probably, primitive women also faced the fact that some men run after mammoths, while others sit in the shade. Some bring home juicy slices of meat, while others, having got out of hiding, are content with bones and cartilage. How to make your husband start earning money?
How to make your husband earn money


Get rid of the idea that a man can be forced to earn. None of the adults perceive violence and pressure favorably. This is especially true for men. Sometimes representatives of the strong half of humanity, out of a sense of protest against the pressure of their wife, do not go to interviews organized by her. So they keep their masculine pride.
Stop being an ascetic. From the deprivation of sensual pleasures, women become callous, turn into grumblings. And grouchy persons rarely become those beautiful ladies for whom men are ready for feats. Good food, beautiful clothes should become a habit for you. If you deny yourself everything, you demonstrate to him a willingness to endure his low earnings. And that ruins your character.
Try not to «nag» the unlucky spouse. This point is related to the previous one. There is no point in endlessly expressing displeasure to her husband from his low earnings. It doesn’t motivate, it demotivates. The more you grumble, the longer he will sit without a normal income.
Become his muse. What is the essence and meaning of these air creatures? They believe in their man, they consider him smart and talented. They know how to rely on it, even if they themselves have untouchable cash reserves.

Useful advice

Don’t scold, but inspire. Psychologists who study human behavior have proven that positive motivation works better than negative motivation. That is, if he is happy to try to please you, he will move mountains. It is a positive attitude towards achievement. And if he is forced to invent something in a situation of psychological terror, just to avoid conflicts, it will be difficult for him to rise up and make your family successful.

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