How to make your husband jealous?

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How to make your husband jealous

The jealousy of a man for a woman is a multifaceted phenomenon, and not always pleasant — who would like to be under vigilant control? But sometimes we still want our husband to be jealous, just a little bit. But how to make him do it, and even more so to understand that the goal has been achieved?

How to make your husband jealous?

There are many ways to make a loved one jealous, but it is difficult to predict how this or that method will affect your man — they are our individualities. So be careful not to get Mexican passions.

  1. Talk more often on the mobile phone with your friend (if this is not the case, his girlfriend can play the role). Moreover, start a conversation with your husband, so that he understands that it is the man who is calling you, and then go to another room.
  2. To make your husband jealous, start paying more attention to your appearance, choose an outfit for going to work for a long time. And if he asks “why are you so smart?” smile mysteriously and refer to a good mood.
  3. Does your husband have a habit of calling you in the middle of the work day? Take the phone not immediately, but only after 3-4 calls.
  4. Try to pay less attention to your spouse, visit a fitness club, go to museums and exhibitions, of course, without him. The main thing is to return from such excursions obscenely satisfied.
  5. Spend more time with your friends, staying with them until late at night. And it is better that your husband does not know the phone numbers of these girlfriends.
  6. If you come across an instance impenetrable in relation to jealousy, try flirting with one of your acquaintances in front of him.
  7. Many ladies think about how to make their ex-husband jealous. Here the best way would be to arrange your personal life, to show that you are fine without him.

Signs of a jealous man

Thinking about how to make your husband jealous? Or maybe he already doesn’t find a place for himself from jealousy, but you don’t notice? So, how to understand that you managed to arouse jealousy in your husband?

  1. Men, although beings from another planet, are jealous about the same as women. Therefore, if you returned home later than usual, you often cannot do without the classic questions “where and with whom you were”.
  2. If you have male friends, and you often communicate with them, then a jealous husband will definitely show interest in how long you have known each other, and he will try to get to know all your friends.
  3. Hearing that you are going somewhere with your friend or with a company where there are unmarried men, the husband who is jealous of you will definitely try to ask for it.
  4. And if you met your friend on the street in front of your husband, then your lover will definitely come up to you and will try in every possible way to attract attention to himself, as if saying «this woman is busy.»
  5. There is another type of men who do not dare to show jealousy openly. This is especially true for men who are accustomed to always «keep face», hide their emotions. If your husband is exactly this type, then how to find out that you managed to make him jealous? In this case, you will have to try and pay attention to small changes in the behavior of your husband. Signs of a jealous manFor example, instead of starting to ask you from the door where you were and all the circumstances of the evening, he will get off with routine questions, like “how was the evening?” and all is well?». And he will begin to be interested in the morning, and, as if by chance, he will remember about your school friend, ask if he has seen each other for a long time. And it will be so unobtrusive to find out about everyone in whose company you often go.

Have you tried all the ways, do not know how to make your beloved man jealous? And you talk to him, some men are not jealous because they love and trust their chosen one very much. Maybe to your question “Are you not jealous of me at all?” the answer will be “Well, how can I, I love you!”.


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