How to marry an American

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How to marry an American

A «movie-like» romantic story can happen to anyone, anywhere. One day you accidentally drop your handkerchief and a handsome American picks it up. Or you will meet at a showcase with organic products. Or he will get lost in a residential area of ​​your city. But such a wonderful meeting can be expected for many years. Do you, as a true realist, want to build your own destiny with your own hands? Take action!
American marriages are also made in heaven


Practice English. There are many handy free tutorials and online tutorials. Listen to music in English, read books in the original, study the news sites of American news agencies. Waste of time? Not at all. This will lower the language barrier and increase your chances of having a pleasant conversation. You will accumulate a stock of foreign words. You will learn to distinguish American pronunciation from the traditional English that you learned in school. In addition, you will be up to date with the news and «soaked» with current American problems. And this is a topic for communication with a potential groom.
The most popular «meeting place» is still the Internet. Explore its potential thoroughly. Register on forums where international marriages are discussed. Pay attention, first of all, to the statements of girls who got married in America. They often share their stories, talk about the peculiarities of the American way of life. You should be interested in various little things: from the opening hours of grocery stores to the traditions of national holidays. Feel free to ask questions. Those who have already passed this way, surely know where the «sharp corners» meet.
Expand your circle of virtual acquaintances. Forum members can introduce you to a friend of their husband who spends a lot of time online. Naturally, American. Forums «by interests» — music, readers, fans — can also become a place for acquaintances and communication. Pen pals may well meet in the future and like each other.
Post a profile on a dating site. Of course, you remember to be careful. Check the reputation of the marriage agency that owns the site. Firmly refuse questionable offers. When paying for services, make sure they are legal. Periodically check how the agency fulfills the clauses of the contract, representing your interests. Take a great photo and write a competent questionnaire.
At the same time, do not stop searching in the real world. Lead an active lifestyle. Don’t miss out on business trips. Participate in professional conferences, trainings, experience exchange trips. Acquaintance in a professional environment will come naturally. From the very beginning, you will have common interests that contribute to the continuation of communication.
If finances allow, go to America on a tourist visa, if not, take a temporary job. On your trip, it will be important for you to learn as much as possible about the daily life of Americans, about those small differences that determine their way of thinking and behavior. Try on mentally the role of an American wife with her usual chores. Perhaps you decide not to rush into marriage at all. American.
There are also marriage agencies in your city. The rules for contacting them are the same as for intermediary Internet services.
When the acquaintance took place, and you «matched», the relationship will begin to develop according to the usual scenario of a couple in love. If you have doubts about a man, it is better to continue the search.


What absolutely cannot be done. Be insincere and unnatural. Just imagine that you will have to wear a mask for many years. Still, your goal is to find your soul mate, and not just an American citizen.

Useful advice

What must be done? Communicate. Show initiative (not excessive). Be interested in a man. Search and find similarities between you. Match your tastes. Learn the legal intricacies of international marriage.

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