How to meet a guy from the army

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How to meet a guy from the army

You’ve been waiting for this day for so long. Excitement and joy are experienced not only by you, but also by your loved one. It is more difficult for young people who are returning from the army. They were far from their hometown, from their parents, from their girlfriend. And all this time you were here in familiar conditions. Therefore, the meeting of the soldier should help him again adapt to civilian life.
How to meet a guy from the army


Be sure to meet your loved one at the station. These very first minutes are so important to both of you. They will remain forever in your memory. My heart bursts out of my chest, there are tears of joy in my eyes and there are no words, just a strong hug. There will be only one thought in his head: “Wait! She was waiting for me!
You no longer become just a beloved girl who wrote letters to a soldier, but almost immediately a bride for whom he will be ready to do everything. Surely, you want to tell your beloved tender words about your feelings — do not be shy. All the time of his service, you both thought of what you would say when you met, but now, when your eyes met, all the words were mixed up. It happens, the heart will help you.
How to meet a guy from the army
Perhaps your loved one wants you to accompany him when meeting with parents, friends. He will want to show you to relatives and friends so that everyone can see that his girlfriend is the best, that she managed to keep her feelings for this long time. Be prepared for this, agree in advance on a day off from work or warn that you will not come to study lectures.
How to meet a guy from the army
Prepare a surprise for your loved one. After meeting an endless number of relatives, you can finally be alone. Both have changed during their service in the army. You haven’t seen each other for too long, but you remember each other even before parting. Your views, thoughts, worldview could change. You think that you still love each other, but the feelings for you were the same as you were a long time ago. No wonder they say that the army is a test of feelings.
Now you have to get used to each other again, to find out what has changed in you. Therefore, the first romantic evening is no doubt necessary. Your surprise for your loved one may consist of a walk around the city, favorite places where you met, he kissed you for the first time. Memories, laughter — all this will “revive” feelings and bring you closer again. After the walk, you can go to a romantic dinner.
How to meet a guy from the army
The evening is better spent at home. Such an atmosphere, cozy, homely, which the soldier dreamed of so long ago, will put you more towards each other. But you can also go to the hotel, where you have already prepared everything in advance. A table covered with a beautiful snow-white tablecloth can be decorated with rose petals, turn off the lights, leave only candles, turn on gentle slow music, change into your best dress to win the heart of a man like once upon a time. Flirt, say nice words to each other — this evening is yours. And it depends only on you how it will pass and what first memories a young man who has just returned from the army will have.
How to meet a guy from the army

The table during a romantic dinner should be away from the TV.
Helpful Hints:
Tablecloth and cutlery should be festive.
You should sit opposite each other.
Start dinner with memories of your first date. You can refer to your joint photos.
Food should not be much and it should be light. Ice cream, mousses, puddings, fruits are perfect (you didn’t come to have dinner, but to stay together, chat, remember feelings).

How to meet a guy from the army

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